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The 3rd edition of Elgi Equipments’ (BSE: 522074 NSE: ELGIEQUIP) annual #whatsyourfinishline challenge was conducted across the globe during the second half of November 2021. Despite the continued challenges of the pandemic, the challenge saw 103 teams from 22 countries clock over 42,500 miles over a fortnight, celebrating ELGi’s spirit of resilience amid the global pandemic.

The #whatsyourfinishline challenge has historically focused on promoting an active lifestyle among ELGi employees and other stakeholders in addition to raising awareness about physical and mental well-being, all while delivering an exciting experience for every participant. This year the 3rd edition saw the inclusion of five daily challenges, which encouraged all participants to compete and excel in time-bound activities ranging from push-ups, burpees, planks, crunches, and jumping jacks.

Elgi Equipments will power the 9th edition of the Coimbatore Marathon, to be held virtually in December 2021. All proceeds from the marathon will go to the Coimbatore Cancer Foundation, which in turn greatly augments its efforts to raise cancer awareness, besides improving cancer patients’ and caregivers’ health and well-being.

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