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In the UPSC’s Civil Services Exam 2021, as many as 40 students have been selected from Catalyst Group out of which 3 students are in the Top 20. There is no doubt that interest in Civil Services remains strong among students, including those in the Catalyst Group. In lieu of this, Catalyst Group alumni are known to offer counseling and even knowledge-sharing events tailored just for UPSC aspirants.

This goes a long way in getting students interested and encouraging them to strive for a better future for themselves. Every year, nearly 25-30 students from the Catalyst Group qualify for the UPSC. Year after year, they obtain important positions and make the institute proud. However, this year 40 of our students were selected for the Civil Service exam.

Founder and CEO of Catalyst Group Akhand Swaroop Pandit said, “While preparing for the UPSC exam, I struggled a lot to get proper guidance and relevant study material for the UPSC exam. This is when I thought of founding an online learning Catalyst Group to let aspiring candidates prepare for the UPSC exam easily. We provided expected questions last month before the exam to our students under the Catalyst Preparation Booster module and most of the questions were the same in the examination paper.

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