Sachin Nigam, CTO and Co-Founder, Goavega Software India Pvt Ltd

Sachin is a technologist who always explores new and promising technologies which best suits customer needs. A “hands-on” technology leader with more than 17 years of experience in designing and building enterprise applications across business verticals and tech stacks. He also sets the technology road map for Goavega and recommends what technology suits the best for all our customers. Building public-facing portals on the web and mobile is his forte. Sachin is an effective communicator, motivator and planner who can map technology to business.


The Internet has brought us together, transforming the world into a global village with free flow of information across the world. Innovations in Technology, that leverage the internet, have helped us to not only stay connected but also evolve to become a digital first global economy, with IoT based innovations that are changing healthcare, finance, education, logistics and supply chain, business automation and manufacturing, among others. From data and cloud computing to faster access to content and information sharing, the growth of the internet, has improved connectivity, expanding the possible potential of tech applications. And the advent of 5G is further raising expectations and excitement, as tech innovators, app developers and businesses are looking forward to leverage the next big wave of speedy internet.

5G is expected to contribute up to $12.3 million of the global output in 2035, as it is set to amplify data transmission and connectivity that is vital for the IoT and connected devices of the future. Smart phone Applications, which are the future of personal technology, are also set to get innovative, with high clarity display options and rich media content that can be developed for the mobile applications of all strata, with 5G enabling them. The instant transmission of data also finds application in remote control of mechanical equipment and high-efficiency GPS tracking.

Overall, the advent of 5G is highly anticipated as it is set to accelerate the tech revolution, especially at the app development level, through the below-mentioned factors:

Faster Speed: 4G, during its release was faster than 3G, with an average of 20Mbps speed, leading to its global spread and acceptance. 5G is expected to unleash even higher internet speeds, of up to 10-50 GBPS, displaying the massive potential, compared to 4G. It has achieved speeds of up to 1 Terabyte per second in test environments and an average of 2.8Gbps in real-world simulations.

Low Latency: 5G has a latency rate of 1 millisecond which is 50 times less than 4G which has a latency rate of 50 milliseconds. Latency is the time delay that occurs before the transfer of data after receiving the instruction to transfer. It has a significant impact on network-guided control of machines and equipment and also in the field of gaming and entertainment. It allows smartphones to perform with better efficiency and an enhanced UX. The Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communication enabled by 5G will allow seamless data transfer between devices and online storage databases reducing dependency on hardware support and performance.

Better Coverage: Thanks to the low latency rate and faster speed, 5G is expected to improve connectivity and coverage in terms of several devices covered per square mile when compared to the 4G. While 4G can cater only up to 2000 devices in a radius of 0.38 miles, 5G can connect up to 1 million devices within the same distance, making it more appropriate for projects like smart communities and smart cities. It also improves GPS tracking and provides accurate locations up to 1 meter.

Better Applications: The advent of 5G opens avenues for innovative Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications as the connectivity is fast enough to support them in smartphones. It reduces the application’s dependence on hardware support from mobile phones allowing them to operate efficiently in all phones and target a wider range of users.

Application developers find great potential in 5G with the palette of features it offers. The wide scope of features that can be accessed in 5G enabled smartphones provides access to features such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, attracting new users to 5G technology. We need to equip ourselves suitably to embrace the 5G technology and enjoy the superior performance of this improved networking regime. Get 5G and gain access to ultra-fast internet speeds at your fingertips.

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