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As schools across the country get back to life with students coming back for physical classes, uniform manufacturers are witnessing a significant uptick in demand for school uniforms, reports the latest JD Mart Consumer Insights. 

Demand for school uniforms on JD Mart, India’s latest B2B platform by Just Dial, saw a YOY jump of 117% signalling the return of happy days for the industry that has been struggling for survival for almost two years due to the pandemic as schools went into an online mode.

Searches in Tier-I cities were 2X of Tier-II but the demand growth rate in the latter was around 141%. Demand growth in Tier-I cities also grew at a healthy 28%. The rise in demand growth rate has been accelerated by the fact that students have outgrown their uniforms during the last two years.

Commenting on consumer trends, which indicate a silver lining for the uniform manufacturers, Mr. Prasun Kumar, CMO, Just Dial, said: “As children return to schools after a long hiatus, we are witnessing a significant demand for school uniform on JD Mart. This indicates a silver lining for the uniform manufacturing industry that according to industry estimates was an Rs.18,000 crore industry before the pandemic struck. But now with almost 1.5 million schools coming back to life with the return of students, uniform manufacturers can have something to cheer about. The school uniform manufacturing industry has been largely organised, but we have been successful in aggregating this industry online and offer everyone a level playing field to scale growth.”

Mumbai, which saw the strictest lockdown as it was the worst impacted due to COVID, saw maximum demand among Tier-I cities and a YOY growth of 40%. Delhi, also one of the worst impacted, was the second in terms of demand with a growth rate of 24% with Pune being third with a growth rate of 7%. Among Tier-I cities, Bengaluru saw the maximum demand growth rate of 58%.

Among Tier-II towns and cities, Solapur, the uniform manufacturing hub of the country, saw maximum searches followed by Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Patna, and Mysore as the top-5 cities with most of the demand. Out of these cities, Chandigarh saw the maximum YOY growth of 108%. 

T-shirt manufacturers also saw a YOY rise in demand of 7%. Tier-I cities saw a demand rise of 13% while in Tier-II it remained stable. The manufacturing hub of Ludhiana saw maximum demand in India while Delhi and Mumbai were second and third, respectively. 

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