Muneer Ahmad, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, ViewSonic India

Mr. Muneer Ahmad has been associated with ViewSonic India since 2017. He is currently working as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Audio-Visual and EdTech Solutions. In his current role, he is responsible for strategizing marketing plans in sync with the company’s goals and objectives, managing distribution channels, and deployment of sales for the company. His KRA’s also include curating and implementing plans for business and market development, customer management, management of market research, strategic direction for promotions and advertising. He joined ViewSonic as Business Head – AV and was responsible for marketing plans and sales initiatives of ViewSonic in the Indian Market. Before joining ViewSonic, he was associated with BenQ India for more than 6 years as the Regional Sales Manager. Mr. Ahmad had a significant contribution in streamlining the business growth of ViewSonic in the Indian market. Growth in sales, leveraging upon newer and innovative technology through marketing tactics, and executing plans for meeting the demand of end-consumers led ViewSonic to expand its presence in India. Additionally, Mr. Ahmad played a crucial part in strengthening the brand image as an ed-tech solution provider. Under his guidance, ViewSonic adopted the display learning method and emphasized the personalized teaching-learning experience. As a result, under his able guidance and supervision, ViewSonic ranked amongst the top three projector brands in India and preserved the No. 1 position for IFPs since 2020.


With the constant evolution in technology, the customers are being spoilt with choices for products specially when they come in several shapes, size and variants. But the concern that every consumer will have while buying a projector is whether or not it will provide a theatre like viewing experience. A perfect projector has several qualities including a great colour representation, light in weight, longer lifespan and perfect sound quality. All these factors have now become the need of the hour and every brand is trying to meet up to these factors. 

The lockdown that obligated us to work from home also taught us that it is not important to watch something in a theatre to have a lively experience; instead, we can focus on new and high – tech projectors to set up a theatre in our own homes. The projector market revenue is expected to reach 14358 million USD by 2025. Since the inception of projectors, the industry has grown globally and has been crossing the points of zenith after the people all over the world have become habitual of lockdowns and working from their homes. Netflix and chill is not a slang anymore, people have now become used to leisure at the comfort of their homes. 

As we all know there are several claims that with the regular upgradation in technology, lives of every human being is going to get easier and better but the part of choosing among the several available options is not everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, it is necessary to do proper research before buying any technical product especially something like a projector.

Some significant features that the Lamp free and LED – based projectors provide to their users are as follows-

EFFICIENT – The most important factor that strikes the buyers mind while buying a projector is whether the product they are about to buy is efficient or not. When it comes to efficiency it is tested in several ways but Cost Efficiency and Energy Efficiency are of utmost importance. 

Cost Efficient – LED-based projectors are slightly more expensive when compared, but the Total Cost of Ownership is the primary factor that makes them more cost efficient. There are almost no expenses required when it comes to maintenance of LED – based projectors. There are no hidden costs like replacing bulbs and dust filters. 

Energy Efficient – LED – based and Lamp free projectors are friendly to our environment in several ways, there is no mercury inside these projectors so it makes them easily disposable and this is why it can be termed as a green product. LED projectors are energy efficient as If you own a LED projector and use it for 6 hours a day, then the light source may stay functional for around 7000 days, or 19.2 years which is a very long time when it comes to projectors.

RELIABILITY – The Lamp free and LED – based projectors are reliable when it comes to usage due to factors like Long lifetime, Low maintenance, Low power consumption and total cost of ownership. We buy projectors to have a scenic and colourful viewing experience and it is a fact that the colours LED – based projectors provide to their users are exceptionally good. There is no degradation in terms of viewing experience when it comes to LED – based projectors, the colours remain the same as they were in the beginning even after using it several times. 

DURABILITY – The LED – based projectors are durable as they are low power consuming products and have a much longer lifespan when compared with their industry competitors. The LED based projectors are easy to handle as they are small in size which makes them a perfect product to use in corporate firms, offices, educational institutions and even for personal home theatres. There are no bulbs or dust filters to be replaced which makes it a perfectly durable product with almost no virtual maintenance cost. The flexibility of these projectors also makes them a desired product.

LONG LASTING – Every user while buying a projector has some frequently asked questions and the most important of them is how long the product is going to last. It can be easily stated that the LED – based projectors have a longer lifespan and does not even degrade in terms of the quality or viewing experience. LED – based projectors have a longer lifespan because of their mercury free design and this is the reason it has a low total cost of ownership. 

ECO-FRIENDLY – Some major factors that make LED – based projectors an Eco-friendly choice are –

  • As compared to other projectors they are low power consuming
  • There is no need of replacing bulbs regularly which makes these projectors lighter on environment
  • They have a longer lifespan so lesser product replacements are required
  • The mercury free design puts a lot less toll on our surrounding

All these features play a key role in making LED – based projectors the most user-friendly product. Hence people nowadays are shifting towards LED – based projectors for the long run. The technology is upgrading with time and so are the needs of the consumers; the products with the most appealing features will always be the winners in their respective industries. 

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