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Credited with the feat of uniting different minds and emotions of a diverse nation, music has always been at the forefront of India’s culturally enriched palette. Further enabling this praxis, India’s leading voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan has revolutionised the field by combining Cognitive Psychology and Anthropology, resulting in a unique approach to musical tutelage.

Through a recent campaign launched by Artium Academy, Ananth Vaidyanathan looks forward to guiding students in voice methodology and performance training, tapping into his vast experiences of training reality show contestants and budding professionals.  A classical vocalist trained in both Hindustani and Carnatic styles, Ananth Vaidyanathan is credited with taking Scientific Voice Research and Training in Indian music to a new level.

The campaign film highlights the importance of voice training with the most effective techniques for singers pursuing all kinds of genres. Ananth Vaidyanathan is of the firm belief that a voice is the epicentre of musical expression, and it has the power to make or break the impact of performance – the values that the campaign film aptly describes.

Stressing on the importance of voice awareness and control, voice expert Ananth Vaidyanathan said,“‘Tapping into one’s utmost potential and sharpening vocal skills is absolutely essential for developing one’s singing and musical faculties. Voice training goes far beyond just hitting high notes and achieving dexterity. It’s about discovering the magical alchemy of body and mind, of voice, emotion and creativity. With our training at Artium Academy, we help a singer build on natural gifts in different ways – to ignite and develop on the blueprint of musicianship and vocal prowess lying within.

“The journey doesn’t end once you finally start hitting those high notes. Voice training paves the way forward by helping you build vocal vocabulary, and teaches you to captivate your audience with a strong command over your instrument.  Artium Academy utilises a mix of practical experience, and technical knowledge customised to each individual’s goals and helps in developing confidence, comfort and technique through a systematic approach based on the principle of natural growth. Our vocal coach, Ananthji, who is known for his pedagogical expertise, nurtures students towards achieving a finer grasp of musical styles in all genres,” adds Mr Ashish Joshi, Co-founder and CEO of Artium Academy.

Watch Ananth Ji’s zest for grooming future music aspirants of the country, via his acclaimed voice techniques, as well as a roster of his former protege-turned-performers.

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