Applications of the Metaverse Across Many Industries

Nicolas Babin is an agile Senior Executive with over 35 years of international, multilingual, and multicultural experience. He is a Key Opinion Leader and Influencer for many international brands as well as Start-ups and Scale-ups. He has had management experience in both the East and West, setting up and managing international teams in Europe, US, and Japan. Nicolas has started and developed over 26 companies in the US, UK, and France. He has been involved with AI since 1996, launching the robotic division for Sony Europe and has received many distinguished awards. He has had two IPO experiences on the Nasdaq and NYSE and many Fundraising experiences. He is a sought-after international keynote speaker on innovation, e-health, digital and robotics. He is also the author of the award-winning book called ‘The talking dog’ – immersion in new technologies. He has sat and sits on several boards in the US, Europe, and Japan. Currently, Nicolas is the President at Babin Business Consulting.   A lot has been written about the Metaverse since Marc Zuckerberg announced his new vision for the then named Facebook company. Today, I would like to explain more in detail about where it comes from, all markets involved and … Continue reading Applications of the Metaverse Across Many Industries