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Congruent Solutions, a leading technology solutions and outsourced plan administration services provider to the retirement plan industry in the US, has introduced creative and evolved learning solutions in order to make training engrossing for its employees, globally. The new ‘Learning & Development’ (L&D) initiative involves Microlearning i.e. providing small learning units and short-term learning activities. The company has chosen comic strips to help employees acquire deep domain knowledge about the Defined Contributions industry in the US and understand fundamental topics such as data protection and privacy, cyber security and other good practices followed by the organization. The company has created fictional comic characters namely Bruce, Bella, Priya, & Captain Firewall who uncover these subjects in an easy and conversational manner.

Congruent Solutions employs more than 375 people and caters to the niche industry of retirement plan in the US. Learning & development is given utmost importance as a tool to bridge the skill gap and upskill employees for constant growth. Encouraging active learning, the company keeps updating its training modules to suit its changing employee demographics. The objective behind incorporating microlearning into the training modules was to make complex subjects easier to grasp for the new age employees who have a short attention span. Bite-sized learning in the form of comic strips and quizzes is appealing to the younger workforce as its less time consuming and as effective as a full-fledged training session. Congruent has included gamification in the form of a monthly quiz to help employees to measure their learning.

More than 90% participation of the employees have benefitted from the new L&D initiative andare enjoying their lessons through microlearning nuggets. Employees have been able to see differences in their knowledge retention and everyday productivity. The company has also witnessed a rise in participation in microlearning based training sessions compared to the traditional methods.

Commenting on this new L&D initiative, Balaraman Jayaraman, President & CEO, Congruent Solutions said, “In order to serve our customers effectively, we believe that our employees need to understand their demands well. Only by aligning to their requirements faster, can we deliver better service and develop impactful solutions. Right from the beginning, we have focused on ensuring that our employees acquire deep domain knowledge of the retirement plan industry. Training through microlearning and use of comic strips are helping complex subjects to be imbibed efficiently and it’s also appealing to a wide spectrum of demographics. Our new L&D module breaks down the content into digestible nuggets of information for easier understanding. This format of training has made learning more personal and effective. It has been very well appreciated and received by our employees.”

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