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Autism, often known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is a complex condition characterized by communication and behavioural issues. It can manifest itself in a wide range of symptoms and abilities. ASD might be a small issue or a severe condition that necessitates full-time care in a facility. Mom’s Belief, the largest research-driven, holistic mental healthcare & child development in Asia-Pacific is revolutionizing the whole child developmental health & therapy sector. The company is a research-driven holistic care provider for children with Special Needs and operates through a Home-Based Program as well as an extensive list of Therapy Centers & Inclusive Schools across the globe.

The special-needs segment has so far remained underserved, with families having very limited health insurance options. Mom’s Belief Care as the Master Policy Holder of the Group Health insurance, underwritten by Care Health Insurance, offers coverage for Autism, and an array of special needs. Families enrolled with the scheme can now choose annual insurance options ranging from Rs 1.5lakhs up to Rs 4lakhs, depending on their requirements. The exclusive group health insurance brings Individual and Family Floater health insurance options with a Cashless facility for all forms of therapy, including Centre-based, Online and Home therapy.

On the day, Nitin Bindlish, Founder & CEO of Mom’s Belief “Understanding and addressing a parent’s concerns have always been our prime strategy. Parents and guardians of children with special needs already face several challenges. Financial pressure due to continued intervention and therapy costs is the hard reality of life for many families. Parents will do anything to fulfil their kids’ requirements, even if it comes at the cost of sacrificing their own needs or their other child’s needs. In India, parents have to pay from their pocket for therapy. Now imagine a scenario, where a parent needs money for surgery, hospital visits, or situations like COVID, we can’t let the child and parent suffer, just for want of funds. We want to share the burden by being an equal partner in their journey.”

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