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An interaction of National Joint Organising Secretary, ABVP- Shri Prafful Akant and Delhi University Teachers Association, President- Prof. A. K. Bhagi with the members of Centre for Social Development, CSD was organised at Kirori Mal College, University of Delhi. It was attended by senior professors, professors, teachers and scholars of University of Delhi.

In the interactive session, Centre for Social Development announced its new working committee. The newly constituted committee will be led by Dr. Raj Kumar Falwaria as the Chairman. Other members of the committee are- Ms Luke Khanna, Mr Binit Sinha, Mr Mukesh Bagoria, Mr Sohan Lal – Vice Chairperson; Ms Sunita Mangla, Ms Jay Singh Meena, Mr Manish Kumar- General Secretary; Mr Sanjiv Yadav, Mr Mithlesh Ranjan, Ms Neha Jingala- Secretary; Mr Mukund Bihari, Mr Narender Bharti, Mr Puneet, Ms Smita Yadav- Joint Secretary; Ms Sunita -Treasurer; Ms Priti , Ms Ekta Raman, Mr Subhash Kumar- Office Secreatry; Mr Jagdish , Mr Alok- IT In charge; Mr Gandharv , Mr Durgesh, Mr Deepak Kumar- Social Media In charge; Prof Pradeep, Dr.Manoj Kumar- Coordinator.

Shri Prafful Akant congratulated the newly appointed office bearers. He said “Centre for Social Development is working relentlessly for the betterment of the society in different ways and has made its long lasting mark in the first 6 years of its existence”. Professor A. K. Bhagi ensured that he is working on a mechanism for regularisation of Ad-hoc and guest teachers in University of Delhi. Professor Bhagi urged that CSD being an active group of intellectuals and academicians must work for overall development of the nation. Dr. Raj Kumar Falwaria said “Centre for Social Development, shall endeavour to uplift the vulnerable section of our society and contribute towards national building as envisioned by our Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi”.

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