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CrowdStrike (Nasdaq: CRWD), a leader in cloud-delivered protection of endpoints, cloud workloads, identity and data, today announced it has expanded the CrowdXDR Alliance to include key strategic partners across the web and email security (Menlo Security), identity and access management (Ping Identity) and network detection and response (Vectra AI). CrowdStrike also introduced new capabilities for the Falcon XDR (Extended Detection and Response) module to speed up detections for security teams, including integration with ServiceNow, an existing CrowdXDR Alliance partner, to dramatically simplify security operations workflows with automated ticket creation.

Falcon XDR’s new capabilities include:

  • Falcon Fusion workflows based on XDR detections: Natively integrated with Falcon XDR, Falcon Fusion (CrowdStrike’s SOAR framework) now automates numerous workflows directly from a Falcon XDR detection including:

○        Ticket creation through ServiceNow, a CrowdXDR Alliance partner.

○        Notifications through email, Slack or webhook.

○        Incident details from status changes to team assignments and comments.

  • XDR detections event timeline: Speed triage and investigation with a timeline view that displays key events of a detection in chronological order to easily understand how activity progressed.
  • Graph visualization of custom XDR detections: Create custom XDR detections from queries written to hunt for threats in the environment. Falcon XDR graph explorer visualizes how the events and entities in a custom XDR detection are related, enabling security analysts to rapidly orient and explore connections in cross-domain data.

“CrowdStrike continues to bring together the best of both open and native approaches to XDR,” said Michael Sentonas, chief technology officer at CrowdStrike. “For organizations seeking an open approach, we continue to expand third-party support for the CrowdXDR Alliance, which is delivering a standardized schema for data sharing to enrich XDR detections. We welcome Menlo Security, Ping Identity and Vectra AI to the CrowdXDR Alliance and look forward to partnering with them to deliver third-party integrations. For organizations seeking a native approach, we continue to bolster Falcon XDR with new capabilities that speed up threat detection and response efforts across data sources and environments. Ultimately, we are offering a solution that allows customers to choose an XDR approach that best fits their needs.”

Poornima DeBolle, Menlo Security co-founder and chief product officer: “The Internet should be safe, seamless, and effective for all workers. However, cybercriminals are making this difficult by deploying increasingly sophisticated malware, including ransomware fueled by Highly Evasive Adaptive Threats. We need to stop such malware and zero-day exploits from ever getting to endpoints. Menlo Security is excited to join CrowdStrike’s CrowdXDR Alliance. Our integration with CrowdStrike Falcon XDR will enable organizations to offer a safe online experience, without having to sacrifice productivity for security.”

Loren Russon, vice president of product management at Ping Identity: “We are excited to join CrowdStrike’s CrowdXDR Alliance and continue to expand our joint solutions. Customers are demanding expansive partner ecosystems through easy-to-deploy integrations, and this partnership delivers that through enterprise-proven identity security along with comprehensive visibility and protection against threats.”

Michael Porat, senior vice president, of corporate and business development at Vectra AI: “As the scale and intensity of cyberattacks continue to proliferate, it reminds us that prevention alone cannot protect organizations from today’s cultivated attacks. To successfully mitigate modern security threats, organizations must implement more advanced threat detection and response mechanisms that accurately pinpoint attacker behaviour and stop attackers from navigating through hybrid clouds. We are excited to join CrowdStrike’s CrowdXDR Alliance and look forward to sharing our threat detection and response expertise with other esteemed security vendors as we all work together with one common goal – detecting and stopping malicious actors.”

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