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This pandemic has made a vast number of people become fitness enthusiasts by using innovative fitness bikes within the comfort of their homes. Cultbike is a spinning beast with a full HD LCD 21.5″ touchscreen that offers multiple home workouts. Following are the key features of the product

1. Live classes: Set your pace with live classes with one on one live training with expert trainers

2. On-Demand workouts: With over 200+ on-demand videos one can work out from anywhere at any time. Apart from it, you can also choose your workout, playlist and can track progress

3. Scenic Rides: It allows users to choose the view according to their mood with over 100+ scenic views to choose and ride from.

4. Weekly updates: One can celebrate every milestone with weekly updates and can keep a track of every important aspect like calories burned, discovered covered, average speed, etc

5. Multiple profiles: It gives a chance to people to make a family bonding session by offering exclusive profiling for everyone with 7 different user profiles configuration.

Cult bike also provides several health benefits such as:

Improves heart health
Improves mental health
Improves physical health
Comes at an affordable price of Rs, 49,900

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