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Boston-based deep-tech start-up, Trillbit has bagged a place among the top 3 and Lockdrop (Canada) and Shaxware (Japan) on the global stage FIDO Alliance developer challenge. The FIDO Alliance Developer Challenge is an international competition that invites start-ups and developers to submit their cyber security solutions using FIDO standards. Experts from FIDO Alliance judged the solutions, and the winners were announced at the Authenticate Annual Conference 2021 in Seattle on the 20th of October 2021.

Trillbit’s authentication solution “SoundAuth” was a unique solution built by combining Trillbit’s data over sound communication with FIDO’s secure webAuthen specification. Trillbit can help users sign into a desktop, laptop or IoT device using nearby mobile phones that prevent remote attacks via secure audio-based authentication. One of the important aspects of Trillbit’s solution was that it does not require additional hardware to work seamlessly and can be deployed in current devices via a software update.

Commenting on the win, Bhaskar Deo, CEO & Co-Founder, Trillbit said, “This accolade is a big win for us as FIDO Alliance is one the prestigious platform to present our secure solution, “Sound-Auth,” where your phone acts as a roaming authenticator. With talented teams from 8 countries, including US, Japan, Canada, Malaysia France and Vietnam, being selected as one of the top three was a milestone for us.”

He further adds, “More than 2 billion voice-controlled devices are sold in the year 2021 alone. Voice is the new interface for smart IoT devices, and it is crucial to secure these interactions. Trillbit’s solutions do just that. We are the only technology that brings financial-grade security to transactions on smart devices, and Trillbit is pegged to secure these rapidly growing Voice commerce”.

Trillbit has successfully built a proof of presence authentication solution based on its innovative data over sound technology. Trillbit’s technology can transform any speaker into a data transmitter and any device with a microphone into a data receiver, and it creates an ultrasonic link between devices for authentication. Using its proprietary technology Trillbit used FIDO’s authentication standard to an automatic but extremely secure solution, “Sound-Auth,” where your phone acts as an authenticator for any device with a speaker or a microphone.

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