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Effitrac, an end-to-end business process technology SaaS platform that helps small and medium businesses to optimize their time, money, and resources, has recently launched a knowledge marketplace – “Effitrac Partner Connect.” With this initiative, the company aims to help business owners gain access to technical and soft talent through its platform, create job opportunities, and address the skill shortage challenges faced by Indian SMEs.

“Currently, many SMB owners are struggling to re-engineer their business processes, esp. when they are running it old-style; for a successful transformation, a review of the existing framework and additional human capital is needed. Quick framework update is possible with investments in tools and technologies; however, the challenge is to find the right set of people who will yield growth, prosperity, and success,” said Logesh Velusamy, Founder & CEO of Effitrac Solutions.

“Effitrac Partner Connect is ideated to onboard a pool of resources across various specializations from human resource, accounts, and logistics to inventory management, merchandising and finance to support business owners address the skill gap. We aim to add 1,000 partners within the next year to our platform – our knowledge partners will be people looking to restart their careers, expert consultants, and freshers looking for opportunities. Effitrac is solving this critical issue of finding the right talent when a business owner needs it,” he added.

The pilot program of Effitrac Partner Connect saw over 20 knowledge partners receiving technical training and upskilling, being onboarded on the Partner Connect platform and getting connected successfully with a select group of SMBs. Effitrac will also train potential candidates across verticals—non-IT and IT—and make them ready to be outsourced as on-demand resources. It will help SMBs hire trained resources as consultants who can work either remotely or locally, thereby leading to a considerable decrease in the cost of talent and training. Effitrac is looking to widen this initiative across India from October and show possibilities beyond direct hiring for businesses and build partnerships.

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