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eCommerce enabler start-up, Eunimart has redesigned its brand identity in line with their ideology. The redesigned brand logo depicts the brand’s identity and values and is a by-product of their evolving business, geo expansion and broader business scope.

The conceptualized brand logo represents a paper boat inspired by the idea of their DIY platform and cross-border trade (as primarily done through sea) and houses the infinity symbol and the upward arrow representing growth.

Ms. Archana Shah, COO & Co-Founder, Eunimart, said, “At Eunimart, our vision is to unlock global prosperity and opportunity by empowering every business. Eunimart is a true ecosystem enabler, allowing brands to use our platform in a modular manner. Brands can plug in existing solutions and use our artificial intelligence to scale their business rapidly and double revenues on average and save approximately one-third of costs with minimum effort. By rebranding, we have created a brand identity that resonates with our vision for the next phase of our journey.”

Angad Ahluwalia, General Manager, India, Eunimart, said, “Our newly revamped logo depicts some key aspects of what Eunimart as a brand stands for. The paper boat talks about a new era as we grow across borders, develop and deploy new AI-driven technologies, define our corporate culture that heavily relies on creativity and responsibility. Our stakeholders and employees are an essential pillar in this structured growth and have played an important role in making the brand stand for what it is today.”

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