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EVRE, India’s leading EV charging Infratech player today announced that it is enabling all its 52 EV charging hubs with EVRE fast chargers. This will enable the charging hubs with AC chargers (3.3 KW Industrial/ Domestic 3-pin sockets and 7KW Type-II) and fast DC chargers (GB/T and CCS) for all its consumers including EV fleets and retail customers.

The large hubs by EVRE can charge up to 80 EVs at the same time.

The charging hubs, powered with an intelligent framework by EVRE, will ensure a seamless charging experience for every EV user.  Along with slow and fast unmanned smart charging, the hubs will provide single-window access to all the services through EVRE App. The advanced EVRE hubs will fully operate with cloud-based technology that will be capable of dynamic load management creating a one-stop-shop for all the requirements of an EV driver. For the convenience of EV fleets, EVRE has enabled an always-connected aggregator with a one-web dashboard that provides features such as telematics for complete real-time monitoring, smart keys-management as well as automated systems for ensuring the safety of the vehicles. The idea is to create a 100% safe and reliable network for a frictionless charging experience on the go.

Apart from the technology enablement, the EVRE hubs ensure a hassle-free charging experience for every EV user with installed amenities such as smart parking and charging points, Eat and Charge facility, retiring rooms especially for the comfort of last-mile delivery fleets and vehicle servicing.  EVRE also offers insurance coverage against hazards to driver-users operating the charging stations.  The digitally managed hubs will be equipped with solar-based EV charging solutions as well.

Commenting on this partnership, Krishna K Jasti, Co-Founder and CEO of EVRE said, “We aim to provide a one-stop charging solution for both commercial fleet owners and retail customers, offering them with a seamless experience at a one-stop-shop. The idea is to create a smart and integrated base for both B2B and B2C networks in the country that will be much more than just a charging stop. Contributing with an intelligent framework and world-class manufacturing smart hardware, EVRE is developing robust charging infrastructure in the country to satiate the demand across cities with its technologically-enhanced hubs.”

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