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eXp Global, one of the world’s leading cloud based real estate brokerage agencies, is hosting an Open House for qualified real estate agents and real estate teams for 5 days from 29th November – 3rd December 2021.

The Open House is an opportunity for real estate agents to learn new skills from renowned trainers that can assist in career development. Agents can also experience the company’s proprietary eXp World, powered by Virbela. eXp World is the company’s immersive and collaborative platform, which enables its agents to communicate, meet and conduct business in a virtual world. It comes with a host of features including meeting rooms, presentation collateral, conferences, extensive training and networking opportunities, myriad ways to personalize the virtual avatar, and much more.

“Our Open House offers agents a chance to learn about the model, hear from agents, meet with leadership and ask questions about both the company and the industry,” says an eXp spokesperson. The session will also give agents a look into the compensation, community and cloud-based working model of the company.

The free virtual event will be held over a course of 5 days with a different activity agenda for each country.

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