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With the aim to offer a unified trading experience across segments and eliminate the cumbersome process of transferring funds between capital and commodity segments, one of the fastest-growing investment & trading platform FYERS, today, announced the launch of its Single Margin Account. The Single Margin account allows fungibility of funds, between segments, thereby allowing traders to allocate capital efficiently from a single account, and trading in all segments with the single limit.

Disrupting the two separate Limits model (i.e., Capital and Commodity), the implementation of Single Margin in FYERS, will allow traders to trade across all the segments while maintaining funds in a single account, hence empowering customers to capitalize on opportunities, instantly. Moreover, the Single Margin account will eliminate the possibility of delays in funds transfer from commodity to capital segments, and vice versa. In this process, customers will not have to incur additional fund transfer charges between segments, by deploying capital from a signal account.

Tejas Khoday, CEO and Co-Founder, FYERS

For existing customers, who have funds in both capital and commodity segments, the single margin account will reflect the combined funds across the two segments, without bifurcation. While the procedure to add funds will remain the same, only one account will be displayed instead of separate capital and commodity segments. FYERS is one of the few brokerages in India to have enabled this offering.

Commenting on the launch, Tejas Khoday, CEO and Co-Founder, FYERS, said, “To ensure that our customers have the flexibility to leverage opportunities, instantaneously, we have introduced the Single Margin Account at FYERS. We want to simplify the trading experience for the community, by allowing our traders to instantly invest in the right opportunities, as they see fit, without having to worry about fund transfers delaying the process and incurring additional transfer charges, for the same. This move will definitely ease the trading process, and allow fund deployments from a single account for trading across segments.”

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