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Leading cloud-tech company ZingHR is set to unveil a virtual event called Zingathon. The event will symbolize its transformation into a complete global SaaS-based product company.

The event to be held from 3rd December to 20th December 2021 promises to be a fun-filled extravaganza featuring over 15 project tracks, 50+ techies from around the globe.

“The pandemic has proved to be an inflexion curve for organisations prompting a reassessment of business models. As we leap into the new normal, we are set to adopt a market-based approach in our endeavour to retain a competitive edge in this era of automation. The Zingathon reflects our spirit of continuous innovation to adapt to industry requirements. It will bring all technology enthusiasts on a common platform and showcase their talent,” said Prasad Rajappan, Founder & CEO, ZingHR.

“The objective of the Zingathon is to establish valid authority in the domain of HRTech space and ensure we keep evolving and innovating new products for the enterprise, midmarket & SMB customers. We will spin off products with low code, touch and a great employee experience which we have been known for. Now we will go a step ahead by collaborating at a super speed during this Zingathon. This is the first time a HRTech company is ever organizing a massive global level hackathon in India” said Ravi Kikan, Director Marketing and Growth, ZingHR

“ Zingathon will mark the entry of ZingHR as a customer-friendly, loving and dedicated organization which is part of our new CX philosophy. We have reached out to our existing customers through our ZingMeta initiative and basis that we went back to the drawing board to understand the need and real demands of the customers and what the market needs. So, we will work in a lean and agile way through the Zingathon and get things done, fast and in a cool way and get back to our existing customers to present to them what they real need and want.” said Rajat Luthra, Director, Customer Experience, ZingHR.

“Zingathon is our way of changing HRTech building impactful products and services for supporting our community of users. I am excited to work alongside the leadership of ZingHR to be part of this series of Growth Mindset bringing game-changing products and solutions to the market.” said Manoj Pillai, Head of Products, ZingHR.

Zingathon exemplifies shifting the focus away from individual client requirements to a market-based approach towards the product. It envisages five key steps i) Roadmap ii) Plan iii) Build iv) Test v) Market and sell to redefine business outcomes for clientele. This shift in the company strategy will be implemented with the help of product managers, customer service executives, sales and marketing and technology teams in a fast-based collaborative format 247 for the next 15 days.

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