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With the mission to save water and life on Earth, Entrepreneur Mr. Nitin Sharma, initiated Go Waterless. It is a Professional vehicle Wash Brand with a revolutionary product to clean any vehicle without a single drop of water. It is 100% Natural & Eco-friendly which also protects vehicles from UV Rays, Swirl marks, Water Spots, Paint Oxidation & Rusting. More importantly, Go Waterless is on a mission to help India save 2 Trillion litres of water through their initiative. Trillions of litres of water is wasted every year in India for car wash. The brand’s central theme and mission is to protect the environment by avoiding water wastage through vehicle wash.

India has more than 23 crore cars. One car wash typically consumes around 150-200 litres of water in a single wash in the washing centre. If you apply the multiplying factor, in a year 2 trillion litres of water is wasted on car wash in India. In the early days of car washing, since resources were cheap and abundant, the industry was generally not overly concerned with how much water or electricity car washes were using. Go Waterless provides win-win services to their customers as it is 100% Natural & Eco-friendly – that too at your doorstep.

While discussing the innovation idea, Go Waterless Founder, Nitin Sharma said, “We’ve faced water crisis several times before when I was following the legacy of our family business. But there used to be no water to clean the cars after repair. We managed it for a year, but again when it happened in 2017 we realized that this was an alarming situation for us, we needed to have an alternative to clean our customer’s car. I took this very seriously and immediately started looking for an alternate solution to clean the car and came to know that there are dry wash products in the market but there were a lot of complaints of being chemical products & damaging the paint. And that’s how after a lot of surveys, research and examines for 2 years, we came up with the best solution in the market which promotes our goal of being an environment-friendly business.”

Go Waterless has set that example by spreading their wings PAN India with having more than 84 franchises (as on Nov 2021 ) in a short span of two years (including the lockdown period ).

Go Waterless invites investors to grow with them and support this environment-conscious unique business module. With a goal of reaching 200 franchisees by 2022 and 5000 by the next five years – the area required to initiate the business is just 50 sqft space to keep the material & service kit which is manageable in the residence itself. No need for commercial space. Service station or workshop is not required for service as this is 100% doorstep service to customers.

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