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Hershey India Pvt Ltd. a part of The Hershey Company, a leading global snacking giant and the largest producer of quality chocolates in North America, has created an innovative and very relevant ‘HER-SHE’ campaign on the occasion of International Women’s Day, for its brand of iconic Hershey’s chocolate bars. Through this campaign, Hershey India is celebrating unsung women achievers from various walks of life. The organization has collaborated with phenomenal women leaders such as Kriti Bharti, Roxanne Davur, Sairee Chahal and Falguni Vasavada whose body of work and achievements have been custom illustrated on Hershey’s chocolate bars by accomplished women illustrators. The list of illustrators includes renowned names such as Maanvi Kapur, Surabhi Banerjee, Anandhi Kumar and Anushri Saraogi respectively. These packs celebrating womanhood will be presented to the women achievers by Hershey India. These specially created wrapper designs will be revealed through a digital campaign and will encourage women from across the nation to come forward and share their amazing stories.

The innovative idea stems from using the letters from the brand name itself – HER and SHE, which are relevant in the context of International Women’s Day and which will be the only letters highlighted on the front of the pack – drawing attention to the inspirational women from diverse fields featured on the designs. The new designs are therefore an exhibition and recognition of the outstanding work that they have done.

Expressing his appreciation towards the contribution of these leaders and women within the society, Mr. Herjit Bhalla, Vice President, India and AEMEA at The Hershey Company said, “With the HER-SHE campaign, we at Hershey India are taking a step forward to celebrate some of the brave, intelligent and revolutionary women who displayed excellence in the face of insurmountable odds. This campaign for Hershey’s chocolate bars is a small token of our appreciation to encourage a journey towards positive change and celebrate these women leaders, because their stories need to be known.”

Encouraging gender diversity has always been a part of Hershey’s culture. Globally, The Hershey Company has undertaken various initiatives to nurture diversity in every way within the organization. Through this campaign, Hershey India will be inviting other female participants as well to share their illustrations on social media using the hashtags #HerShe. The campaign is an extension of a global campaign launched in Brazil last year.

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