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Are you a fitness enthusiast? If yes, there’s great news for you. HLTH.network, the world’s first base protocol layer for global health data, has launched its app, HLTH.run, in India. Acting as an extension to their healthy routines, the app intends to make exercising/running more interesting and engaging for its users with easy UI and exciting features.

The newly launched app is committed to making healthcare secure, accessible, and affordable to all global citizens, focusing on expanding in India. The core team of 37 people are working continuously to make the app more user-friendly and add the latest features to give the clients a seamless experience.

HLTH.run will aid the users in leading a healthier life by incentivizing them in the form of tokens. They will earn HLTH.tokens, a cryptocurrency, by indulging in physical activity. The tokens will be credited to the users’ HLTH.wallet, which they can use to buy vitamins and other supplements available at HLTH.store.

Besides earning HLTH tokens, the users can compete with their friends, earn badges, track their workout history, and set goals for themselves.

Speaking on the development, Mr. Axel Schumacher, CEO, HLTH.run, said, “We are deeply concerned about the rapid rise in health problems in India, especially after the outbreak of COVID-19. With HLTH.run, we are providing incentives in the form of tokens and rewards to people to encourage them to be physically active. Furthermore, they can make it fun by challenging their friends and inviting them to do the activity together. The app has got a tremendous response, especially from the user base in India. Additionally, we are also working on adding features like calorie count, workout planner, and tutorials to the app.”

Renowned researcher and Harvard Biologist  Mr. George Church joined as a Co-Founder of HLTH.network (time 100 most influential), the world’s first blockchain-powered genomics marketplace. A genetics enthusiast, Mr. Church is a Professor at Harvard Medical School and MIT and leads synthetic biology at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. A man with several feathers in his cap, he has been actively and passionately advocating genomics, genetic engineering, synthetic biology.

At HLTH.network, Mr. Church, along with Mr. Axel Schumacher, Co-Founder & CEO, intends to transform the global health ecosystem. Their company aims to offer multiple health data-sharing solutions, including DNA NFT marketplace HLTH.NFT, DNA data marketplace HLTH.DNA, crypto health store HLTH.run, and healthcare blockchain-focused journal HLTH.Media.

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