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India based Indie gaming studio Tentworks Interactive will exhibit their debut game ‘City Block Builder’ at the prestigious Pax East in the United States. Scheduled from 21st April till 25th, 2022 at Boston, Massachusetts, the expo is a celebration of global gaming and gaming culture featuring some of the leading publishers and studios.
At the conclave, Tentworks Interactive will unveil their much awaited NFT trading cards. Holders of the trading cards will get exclusive access to discounts on Tentworks developed games, free chats with developers and access to Tentworks’ annual conferences alongside getting games or features before everyone else.
Jayaditt Basani, CEO and Founder of Tentworks Interactive said “While we have been a part of Pax West and Gamescom in the past, Pax East is special because we are set to embark on our journey in the NFT space. Unlike other NFTs where the user can see what they are buying, users will have to purchase and mint the NFT packs without knowing what card they will receive making it as exciting as the old Pokémon trading card game.”

Tentworks have built this on the Ethereum Blockchain and will be available on the world’s largest NFT platform Openseas.io.  The NFTs will be offered in 3 packs Rock, Roll and Iconic. The Iconic pack comes with 1 guaranteed rare card. A 4th pack called the starter pack will be launched which is a collection of the 3 other packs with 1 additional guaranteed rare card Every pack has 3 NFTs in it (with the exception of starter pack) and comes with a free City Block Builder base game.

Basani further added “We are making a limited 1000 packs up for grabs as of now and will follow an active queuing system to ensure that our customers won’t be burdened from large gas fees.”

Tentworks will allow enthusiasts to join the whitelist of the NFT sale by either signing up at PAX East or when the game is available for pre-order.
City Block Builder debuted at Gamescom in 2021 and have since emerged as one of the most anticipated games to originate from India with thousands in waitlist for their early access. Build as a management style tycoon game, it allows a user to run independent businesses like diners, cinemas in a 1950’s Los Angeles setting.

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