How API-led Modernization Keeps Companies Relevant in the Current World

Navin is an experienced finance and accounting (F&A) operations specialist with 20 years in the outsourcing industry. He has strategically led the development of several workflows, reconciliations, process re-engineering, operations management tools, and setting up greenfield operations like Payroll and Financial Research.   The need for digital transformation, relevance, and higher value in the competitive world has made API-led modernisation indispensable for companies. APIs stimulate innovation and rapid response to market changes and benefit companies by helping them outperform their rivals, expand new revenue sources, and create successful collaborations.   In time, companies have amassed and stored enormous volumes of useful data related to customers, services, production lines, operations and so on. However, when it comes to extracting business value from the collected data, they haven’t entirely succeeded. Today, digital ecosystems emphasise a company’s ability to effectively use the accumulated data and services within and beyond their operations. Consequently, IT integration has increased, making APIs a huge asset for any company. APIs are anticipated to be the next growth drivers as traditional business models become less relevant. APIs have also become imperative for creating and integrating contemporary applications. They are essential to the functionality of modern microservices-based application architectures and serve … Continue reading How API-led Modernization Keeps Companies Relevant in the Current World