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Today, HP announced the new ENVY portfolio to cater to the evolving demands of today’s content creators. The new portfolio, comprising ENVY 14 and ENVY 15 notebooks, fulfils the growing demand among creative professionals for devices that give them the freedom to create from anywhere, power their creativity with exceptional design, and offer a seamless experience as they shift between different modes of creative output.

HP’s Creative Consumer Insights study has revealed that 74% of PC users, especially millennials and Gen Z, are more serious about creating.[i] They expect products and solutions to be as quick and smooth as possible, with access to information that interlinks work and play. With the new ENVY notebooks, HP addresses the requirements of a blended work environment by delivering compact, lightweight PCs with pristine video and audio capabilities that offers creators the ability to create wherever they are.

In India, Gen Zs are enthusiastic and confident about themselves. They want to proactively shape their own future and make an impact on society with what they create. To help these aspiring creators achieve their dreams, HP is launching an exclusive network called “HP Creators’ Garage”. This community, with an ethos based on HP’s Garage legacy, provide budding creators with a springboard to learn from experts across India, collaborate, and share their skills with other creators.

The learning community will contain more than 200 pieces of content to help creators upskill, host forums to share thoughts and ideas with other creators as well as organise regular events and challenges for creators to collaborate on. Some renowned Indian creators who are a part of the community include Digital Creator Be YouNick, Author Alicia Souza, Youtuber Sejal Kumar, Graphic Designer Aniruddh Mehta.

Ketan Patel, Managing Director, HP India market said: “Today’s generation is inspired to create their own future. With a strong legacy of delivering insights-based innovations, we, at HP, want to help power the dreams of creators with the right technology and community support. Towards this, HP’s new ENVY portfolio allows these creators to express themselves and the launch of an exclusive network “HP Creators’ Garage,” offers them a unique opportunity to showcase their talent, collaborate and learn new skills from the leading creators of India.”

The HP ENVY Portfolio is expected to be upgradeable to Windows 11 later this year1. The HP ENVY notebooks are sleek personal creative studios, well-suited for a diverse range of creative consumers like photographers, designers, videographers, music composers or illustrators. Their pro-grade performance features with enhanced thermal design and long battery life will help creators on the go.

“We are constantly working, learning, and playing while on the move – not only from office or school to home but also within these spaces. Creativity should not be encumbered by our movement or the limitations of the places we are in,” said Vickram Bedi, Senior Director, (Personal Systems), HP India market. “HP is delivering breakthrough experiences with the ENVY 14 –with smart, high-performing features that bring new freedom to creation and expression”, he added.

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