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To create awareness of Ganga rejuvenation, IMS Noida students participated in the “Namami Gange” event organized by the Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga.

Students raised slogans like “You can make a difference and take action, Make up splash, clean up trash, a humble request to all “Save Ganga”, Swachh Nadiya, Swachh Samunder’ and clean the banks of the river by picking up the plastic, garbage, idols in their bags. The students pledged to keep their community and rivers clean and to refrain from using plastic.

Dr Kulneet Suri, Senior Director IMS Noida said, “Ganga is our sacred river. To maintain its cleanliness and make it pollution free is the duty of every Indian.”  She further added that IMS Noida will always support and take part in such initiatives that contribute toward saving our environment.

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