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ixamBee, a leading online learning platform providing best-in-class technology-based learning solutions for competitive exams has announced to extendits services to a number of aspirants while helping them achieve their dreams. ixamBee has now come up with yet another comprehensive and unique ‘Ultimate BeeBanker Online Course’ aiming at those who have been working hard to get into the banking industry as Bank PO and Bank Clerk. The ‘Ultimate BeeBanker’ will be an all-in-one course that will prepare the students for all kinds of Bank PO & Bank Clerk jobs within 2 years or you will get a full refund!

ixamBee lives on the idea that if pedagogy isn’t keeping up with technology, today’s students are terribly unprepared for the real world.ixamBee is moving in the same direction, offering the best technology-based learning solutions possible and getting the most out of today’s Internet.ixamBeewas able to take advantage of digital technology and easily and actively penetrate the lives of students/applicants.

The BeeBanker course is designed with all the requirements of applicants preparing for banking exams in over 400 video lessons, over 250 study notes and daily live classes. A well-known subject expert who is in the field and has first-hand experience. Over 400 video lessons, over 250 study notes, descriptive English practice tests, numerous exercises, weekly tests, live question solutions, one-on-one sessions, targeted interviews, personalized study plans, can be accessed by mentors at any time. Apart from that, students have the opportunity to interact with and seek advice from some of the banking and financial industry majors who have held senior positions in organizations such as RBI, SIDBI and other banking institutions.

Commenting on the Bee Banker course, ixam Bee co-founder Chandraprakash Joshi said: “Some of these volunteers are in remote areas where facilities are scarce and it is difficult to reach their goals. Penetrating such areas is the central idea behind the creation and motivation of ixamBee. The Internet can now connect to even the most remote parts of India, and information has finally found its way in the form of social media applications. There is no better way to use this resource to bring knowledge into a student’s life and help them realize their dreams and come out in flying colors. “

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