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Jidoka Technologies, among the pioneers in the field of automated cognitive inspection for manufacturing has witnessed 10x growth in this financial year. The demand for fully automated Quality Inspection for Auto-parts manufacturing has driven this growth. India, is expected to be the world’s third-largest automotive market in terms of volume by 2026, according to Invest India and the industry is estimated to reach US$300 billion by 2026. With a huge market to cater to in the auto-parts sector, Jidoka is gearing up in terms of new technologies and skilled manpower to handle these modern tools and techniques.

The key differentiator Jidoka solutions presents is that it delivers 98% or more defect detection in the QC process with a significant increase in throughput by 33% and decrease in the false positives by as much as 30-40%. A 20% increase in the speed of inspection, with 5-8% further accurate detections, are made possible with the solution.

Jidoka Tech’s customers, Mudhra Fine Blanc Private Ltd, Nexteer Automotive, Triton Valves, IP Rings and Rane TRW in the automotive sector, ITC and Shriji Polymers in the Food and Pharma sector are adopting the solutions for the several business benefits they provide.

Jidoka’s QC solutions automate the process of visual quality while increasing consistency and accuracy at high speed, by leveraging cutting edge technologies such as Deep Learning algorithms, advanced image augmentation techniques and leveraging edge computing for high speed decision making on complex problems. The errors such as dent, damage, line mark, face burr, deburring, colour mismatches, rust and processes are inspected on assembly and sub -assemblies, casting, ground and machined parts, fine-blanking, hot and cold forging.

Sekar Udayamurthy, CEO and Co-founder, Jidoka Technologies, said, “We at Jidoka, understand the challenges faced by our customers in the manufacturing sector, in the QC process and support them with our state-of-the-art automated, cognitive QC solutions. We achieve this, by combing the power of AI with automation and computer vision.” He added, “Our team is constantly updating on the knowledge-front through research and development to develop future-ready solutions, to our growing customer base. We are also aggressive about our expansion into the European and North American markets and expect to sign up on some key accounts soon”.

AI-driven Visual inspection is making its presence felt even more, with human inspectors getting replaced by automated processes, driven by AI-ML and Deep Learning Technologies. Quality inspectors are subjective in their judgement leading to lack of consistency and the scarcity of skilled manpower, especially during the pandemic lockdowns, which are the key reasons for the increase in demand for automated QC solutions. With the level of inspection going beyond the human eye and the need to integrate visual inspection, Quality 4.0, with overall automated manufacturing systems, is the need of the hour, in the era of Industry 4.0.

Jidoka’s solutions use a digital twin created by the hardware and maps it to the AI to deliver upto 1,200 decisions per minute. Customers are realising a significant 25% to 50% cost savings year-on-year by automating the process of visual quality control. Jidoka Technologies’ Artificial Intelligence driven solutions are on par with globally available technologies in the space of computer vision.

The organisation is also exploring at strengthening its capabilities on the technological front by moving to a KPI driven triaging of Quality, where economic, quality and production constraints are managed, and not just looking at QC in isolation. It is also helping customer to have more data to ensure higher levels of accuracy. Jidoka is also productionising some of the concepts while patenting them as well.

Jidoka plans to double its head count presently and will soon expand its facilities to meet the growing customer needs. Additionally, it plans to have sales offices in some of the leading Tier 1 cities in India. It has grown 10x over the last financial year and are forecasting a similar rate for the forthcoming year too.

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