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In a new development, JobsForHer, India’s leading online career platform for women, is launching the HerTech Academy in association with its knowledge partner Simplilearn. Through the HerTech Academy, JobsForHer aims to upskill women in technology to open a new world of career opportunities for women and encourage their participation in tech jobs in the future. The platform will also offer 101 full scholarships each month for women who enroll in the online programs.

The development comes on the back of a recently conducted poll by JobsForHer in which more than 33% of women said that upskilling in the latest technologies would help them accelerate their careers. In another poll, JobsForHer noted that out of 857 respondents, over 53% of women were likely to take up a scholarship in tech courses.

Majorly comprising skill-based and role-based learning modules, the courses include Java Certification, Node.js Training, Python Training, AWS Developer Training, Full-stack Web Developer, and MEAN Stack Learning Programs, amongst others. Furthermore, the courses can be taken by any woman who hails from a technology background in her education or career – be it freshers, experienced professionals, or women who wish to restart their careers.

Speaking on the launch, Ms. Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer said, “At a time when there is an ongoing global crisis, there is an urgent need to turn the situation in our favor by identifying opportunities to accelerate women’s careers. Upskilling is one of the most crucial aspects of today’s job market. With the launch of the HerTech Academy, we aim to enable women to upskill themselves for better prospects and increased participation in the tech workforce. We are delighted to join hands with Simplilearn to help women kickstart their upskilling journeys.”

Talking about the partnership, Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO of Simplilearn said, “The role of women in technology and STEM based jobs has witnessed an encouraging growth in recent times. With a rising interest towards digital careers and the creation of new job roles in technology, the days ahead hold several opportunities for women looking at building a career in the industry.

In fact, reports suggest that software developer jobs and coding will be one of the most in demand roles and skill in the year 2021. We are very excited about collaborating with JobsForHer, and bringing programs which are focused towards building a skill set for those women aspiring to make it big in the software industry.”

The duration of the courses ranges from 4-24 weeks and requires 6-10 hours of learning per week. The blended learning programs encompass online self-paced learning as well as live virtual classroom-based learning. The courses are being offered on full scholarship by the HerTech Academy to 101 women per month.

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