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Breakdancing is all set to make its debut in the Olympics during the 2024 Paris Games recently confirmed by the International Olympic Committee. This move comes on the back of IOC’s efforts to attract younger audiences to the quadrennial event. Other than breakdancing, the Paris Olympics will also witness skateboarding, sport climbing and surfing, all three of which will make their Olympic debut during the delayed Tokyo Games in July 2021. The International Olympic Committee’s pursuit of urban events to lure a younger audience saw street dance battles officially added to the medal events program at the 2024 Paris Games. The move from the International Olympic Committee comes at a time when the Games is looking to refresh the sports program in a bid to remain relevant to sponsors, broadcasters and younger fans. Breakdancing is a crucial part of the hip-hop culture which has been added to the Paris Olympic Games 2024. The move comes after the International Olympic Committee’s new rule which allows host cities to pick and propose new games that are popular in the region.

Breakdancing will go by the name ‘Breaking’ at the Olympics. The idea to include it in the Olympics was pitched by the Paris organisers around two years back after it was successfully conducted at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. Breakdancing is quite popular amongst the youth of today’s generation with an estimate of 1 million people indulging in it according to a 2019 report by the Olympic program commission report. Even the 2019 Redbull BC One World Final had close to 50 million views across various social media platforms.

Godatu is a one-stop platform for dancing and fitness where one’s creates a profile with the content on this application. There are various dance forms that one can find on the Godatu app like Belly, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Breakdancing, etc. They have the best trainers for dance, fitness. They have been associated with dancers and fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Godatu is all set to cheer Indian Dancers in Olympic 2024. The organisation has been relentlessly working to put Breakdancers on the world map. This is a great opportunity for Godatu to represent all Indian Dancers on a global level.

Breakdancing is among the fourth sports that have got the green light to be part of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024. The International Olympic Committee ratified the inclusion of breakdancing along with surfing, skateboarding and sports climbing, IOC President Thomas Bach said.

Raul Brady, Co-Founder of Godatu said;Being a Dance and Fitness Enthusiast, I have always inculcate that I have to do something big in the field of dancing. Godatu was formed in the year 2018 and it’s been a roller coaster ever since. Now, I am overwhelmed to share this news that Godatu is all set to cheer Indian Dancers in Olympic 2024 in Breakdancing. We are going to put our best foot forward, to bring the medals home and create history.”

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