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Medwiki, the world’s largest online video library on medicines with more than 100,000 medicine videos (https://medwiki.co.in/) has been launched with an objective to support Indians understand their medicines better. Medwiki is a search engine-based video library through which any Indian can search the name of the medicine she has been prescribed. The videos are made by Medwiki’s trusted trained pharmacists in simple language to answer the top 4-5 questions customers typically have about the medicines. The videos have crossed a viewership of more than 10 million on the YouTube.

“There is too much information on the Internet with answers to all sorts of questions, be it on weight loss, Covid testing or pertaining to diabetes or heart diseases. However surprisingly, people forget to ask the most basic questions of their everyday life– what is this medicine? How should I take it? How does it work? 95% of Indians are not aware of what their medicine is, which is leading to poor compliance and adherence to it. Due to lack of knowledge, people end up consuming the wrong substitutes of medicines, thereby affecting their health. Medwiki has been created to answer these essential questions and empower the patients with the right knowledge on their medicines. We have started Medwiki in English and Hindi and soon plan to make the videos available in 6-8 vernacular languages,” said Mr. Amit Choudhary, Founder-Chief Executive Officer, Medwiki.

According to Mr Choudhary, factors such as growth in Internet, smart phones, increased data penetration and social media platforms across the country can be utilised to make better technological tools to drive better engagement with healthcare customers. This will lead to better healthcare management and consumption among the Indians. “Medwiki is just the beginning. We have many resources that will help Indians navigate the complexities of our healthcare system. When people are armed with information, they have better access to care, which ultimately leads to improved health outcomes,” said Mr. Choudhary.

Mr. Choudhary has over two decades of working experience on consumer businesses on both investments & operations in global MNCs like Procter & Gamble, JP Morgan, MOPE in India & Singapore.

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