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The Mera Coin Startup began the Kaun Banega Crypto King campaign in Meerut, which would feature a crypto currency competition. The competition winner would get awarded on behalf of Mera Coin Startup. To participate in the competition, the user needs to download the Mera Coin app, after that he will receive a free coupon worth 500 rupees on behalf of the company to enter in it.

Disha Sachdeva, Bollywood actress and Creative Director of Mera Coin app, told the media, “There are many apps on crypto that are available in the market, but the Mera coin app educates the user on crypto in a creative way through reels. The app provides comprehensive information so that the user can easily invest in crypto.”

She stated, “it is my dream that the youth of Meerut, like those in Delhi and Mumbai, understand technology. Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone, all they require is proper guidance and knowledge.” She further added that participants in the Crypto King campaign can use free credit from the app to purchase any crypto asset of their choice.

The Crypto King contest will begin on 13 june and last till Thursday, 16 june. In the end, the participant with the largest portfolio would get crowned HM Crypto King. The winner will receive a trophy or ten times his profit in cash, while the first runner-up would then receive five times his profit followed by second runner up with two times his profit.

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