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MMTC-PAMP, India’s only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery gold & silver refinery, launches limited edition silver coins in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund to raise awareness about wildlife conservation. The latest collection is called the Nature & Nurture series, and features a mother and cub together in their natural habitat. Through this association, MMTC-PAMP hopes to contribute towards stopping the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and raise awareness towards building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

The newly launched beautifully illustrated coins come in 31.1 gms 999.9 purity silver and feature four iconic species- Red Pandas, Snow Leopards, Asian Elephants and Asiatic Lions.

Speaking on the collaboration, Vikas Singh MD & CEO said, “Our collaboration with WWF India is a significant stride towards driving awareness around their conservation efforts. As the leading trusted brand for precious metals in the country, we are pleased to present the purest silver 999.9 collectibles featuring India’s most iconic and endangered species, crafted to the highest standards of purity with MMTC-PAMP’s unmatched Swiss craftmanship. These limited-edition silver collectibles are ideal for gifting. The purchase of each coin furthers a strong message that can be your contribution towards preserving the nature and raise awareness towards excellent initiatives undertaken by WWF India. We are excited about this initiative and the impact beyond business this would create.”

Mr Ravi Singh, Secretary-General and CEO, WWF India, said, ” World Wildlife Day is an occasion to raise awareness and understanding about wildlife, their habitats and the ecosystems they represent. MMTC-PAMP’s limited edition coins launch is a continuing initiative in our partnership, showcasing threatened and iconic wildlife species in their unique representation. With this collaboration, both organisations hope to take ahead the cause of wildlife conservation. We thank MMTC-PAMP for the launch and the thought it represents.”

Every coin created by MMTC-PAMP goes through a rigorous purification process to ensure 999.9 + purity of the metal. Each product bought from MMTC-PAMP offers positive weight tolerance, which guarantees that every coin or bar you buy weighs more than the listed weight, ensuring you get the highest value for your investment.

This series showcases an endangered species nurturing their cub in its natural habitat and depicts a mother’s bond with her child etched on purest silver. With this distinctive collaboration, MMTC-PAMP showcases its strong inclination to create offerings which tell thought provoking stories. The coin comes with MMTC-PAMP’s stamp of authenticity and delivers on the promise of highest purity and finest Swiss craftsmanship available in the world.

These exclusive purest 999.9 silver collectibles offer you unmatched Swiss craftsmanship, and purity beyond compare and mark a token of togetherness, warmth, and love that a family shares. These individually serial numbered limited-edition coins come in bespoke display packaging and remain ideal for gifting.

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