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Muzigal, an online music learning platform that connects teachers and students, today announced its global expansion plans to Australia, the Middle East and East Asia. With the growth rate estimated to be 10X in the next 18 months, Muzigal will cater to both the Indian diaspora and native music learners worldwide. The expansion, close on the heels of strong revenue growth in the first half of 2021, is targeted to garner organic interest from these regions. Muzigal’s revolutionary platform connects music teaching talent across the world and millions of aspiring learners limited by geographic boundaries.

The online music education market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 18.68 per cent in the next five years. Muzigal’s expansion plans provide a full stack earning platform to professionals, helping them nurture, grow and express their creativity across borders. For learners, Muzigal is opening endless possibilities of customised learning for adults and global music certifications through structured curricula like Trinity, ABRSM and Rockschool.

Dr Lakshminarayana Yeluri, Founder of Muzigal, said, “Muzigal is in a rapid growth mode. We are on a mission to spread music education worldwide. We have expanded our team to meet the high demand and ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience for teachers and students. Our entry into Australia, the Middle East and East Asia is the first phase of the growth and expansion plans, this will be followed with second phase of expansion. The idea is to make a variety of music teaching and music learning available for everyone, anytime and anywhere.”

With 400+ teachers, 100000+ learners and over 40000+ learning hours, Muzigal offers on-demand live classes to provide a seamless customised learning experience. The EdTech start-up has added new features for students and teachers, such as a customisable resource library for teachers, postponing classes in special cases and lesson plans, etc. It has also introduced teachers to all kinds of instruments and vocals, including niche ones like the saxophone or harp. Currently, Muzigal is gaining traction from numerous teachers from different countries signing up to teach on the platform.

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