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Neeyamo Inc., a leading technology-enabled global payroll solution provider for multinational and micro-multinational corporations worldwide, today has been awarded the “Top 20 Most Innovative practices – DivHERsity hiring” in the DivHersity Award, AccelHERate 2022, hosted by JobsForHer.

Since inception, Neeyamo has focused on diversity and inclusivity. The company has an All Women Development center in Nagpur powered by around 80 women employees. Neeyamo remains committed to building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work culture within the organization by celebrating gender diversity and women empowerment.

The DivHERsity Awards by JobsForHer recognizes exceptional work done by companies such as Neeyamo to accelerate female participation and performance in the Indian workforce. This one-of-a-kind gender diversity award is curated to support and recognize the commitment and excellence of Indian companies in increasing female participation in the workforce.

“The DivHERsity Awards is a celebration of gender diversity in the workplace. The Awards laud companies that are walking the talk and doing everything it takes to meet and surpass their diversity and inclusion goals, making the Indian workplace a women-friendly space. And with setting and achieving diversity hiring goals, Neeyamo deserved all of the recognition.” Ms. Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer

Speaking about the importance of such awards and Neeyamo’s diversity initiatives, Rangarajan Seshadri, CEO of Neeyamo Enterprise Solutions said, “We, at Neeyamo, have always prioritized diverse hiring and empowerment of our employees – irrespective of gender. We believe Neeyamo winning this award would help in setting an example of how corporates must prioritize this to better the business as well as be a good corporate citizen.”

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