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Offineeds, a Corporate Gifting and Custom Merchandise Solutions Company has launched a report on the Impact of New Joinee Welcome Gifts on Employees through an in-depth social media analysis. Offineeds found that New Joinee Welcome Gifts increased employee referrals with more than 50% of the posts having requests in the comments section of the profile holder.

The company conducted a rich data analysis delving deep into the post, cost, ROI, and product analysis. When it comes to post-analysis of the same, it was seen that 25% of posts had more than 1000+ likes and comments. The Gen Z audience saw the maximum engagement on their posts, with the Millennials right behind them.

In the social media posts analyzed by Offineeds, it was found that women are more likely to post about receiving a New Joinee Corporate Gift and receive 8 times more engagement than men. Since the onset of the pandemic, remote onboarding while working from home has become a norm and a branded goodie pack is the only tangible connection the employee has with the brand.

In the end, the cost and the quality of the kits were also analyzed. 72% of kits that were analyzed were placed between INR 1000 and 5000. Offineeds found that kits in the range of INR 2500 to 4000 with 4-5 items seemed to be most popular. The most popular contents of a new joinee kit were found to be a Notebook, Bottle/ Mug, Backpack, TShirt/ Hoodie & Gadgets. The report found that not only the employee but the whole family gets excited when a welcome kit is home delivered.

Srikanth Acharya, CEO-Offineeds said, “Back in the day, when an employee joined an organization, he was welcomed by a team, allotted a new laptop, a separate workspace and perks. In today’s times, the new joinee kit is the only tangible connection they have with the employer. It plays a huge role in inducting employees into the organization and makes them feel a sense of pride. For organizations, it is a simple gesture that helps to reinforce an organization’s ethos and culture and builds a positive image around it, making it a great place to work.”

Some of the companies Offineeds found following the practise of a welcome kit were – Microsoft, Swiggy, Capgemini, Lowe, Nike, Piramal, LinkedIn, Unacademy, KPMG, Randstad. These kits were found to be immensely popular in the metro cities, mainly Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, and Noida.

Offineeds surveyed 111 posts that were posted across 23 cities in India. As as leader in corporate gifting and custom merchandise, the company recommends a few ways to make on-boarding gifts a huge success:

  • Good packaging that must be high quality and customized with the company logo
  • Insertion of a greeting card from the management
  • Focus on quality as it reflects the brand and customize everything with the logo
  • Little things matter – Insert laptop stickers, keychains, bookmarks, coasters for a lasting impact
  • Timing – It must reach them just as the employee is being inducted into the organization

“The survey was a great way to analyze how New Joinee Kit are faring in the market and why companies must invest in them. It surely is a way to build that initial bonding and loyalty towards the organization you are working for,” added Srikanth Acharya.

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