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COVID-19 has shifted everyone’s focus to health, wellness, and its related measures to be able to fight the deadly virus face-to-face. Keeping this in mind, Nirvasa, an Indian nutraceutical company has entered the Indian healthcare space to fill the dearth with an assortment of nutritional products that help improve human health and wellness.

Nirvasa brings premium quality, nutritional, herbal, and FSSAI-certified supplements to its customers. Salmon Fish Oil Capsules, Biotin Capsules, Hair Regain Plus Capsules, Amla Capsules, Onion Hair Oil, and Vitamin D3 + K2 Capsules are amongst the top sellers to name a few. These supplements cater to various human needs such as General Health, Weight Management, Hair & Skin Care, Sports Nutrition, and Boosting Immunity among other wellness concerns.

While commenting on the same, Amitoz Singh, Founder & CEO, Nirvasa Healthcare said “It’s good to look at how we started, where we have arrived, and where we are heading towards. It’s been an exciting journey so far to make 3 Lac+ lives healthier and counting. In the next five years, we would be pretty close to our goal of making Nirvasa a household name for wellness.”

Nirvasa is a brand with unique motivations and aspirations. Accompanied by top-drawer nutraceutical products, Nirvasa has gone an extra mile to uplift the lives of its customers, especially after going through one of the most perplexing pandemic in the century. The brand emphasizes on solving customer’s health challenges. So, it has set up a strong customer relationship management system while integrating free consultation services offering its customers special hacks to follow a healthier lifestyle and helping them choose the right product as per their health concerns.

Indigenous at heart, Nirvasa has tied up with native vendors, suppliers, and logistics partners to support various lives locally. With strong expansion plans in the pipeline, the Indian nutraceutical company will make a substantial contribution to bridge the COVID-imposed employment gap by ramping up its hiring process and building an in-house team, which translates to onboarding native talent across departments.

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