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Data analytics has become one of the most sought-after careers of the decade, particularly in 2021. After the United States, India has risen to become the second most important centre for data science jobs. In India, the increased demand for data scientists has a significant influence on data analyst compensation. Not only is there a tremendous demand, but the business also has a severe scarcity of data analysts. As a result of these variables, even an entry-level data analyst pay in India has surpassed expectations. A Data Analyst is the finest position to have a career in India in 2021, with a large income package, an exclusive lifestyle, and bonuses.

Data analytics intervention is becoming increasingly important in countries like India, where the population is huge and human data management is time-consuming and labour-intensive. With burgeoning digital firms and educational institutions in India, data science is already booming. Many government institutions in India are now transitioning from paper-based records to electronic databases, resulting in a surge in demand for data scientists. The arrival of the pandemic has hammered the need for smooth and fast functioning in every sector with the help of data and technology.

While over the years, thousands of students have turned to data analytics due to the lucrative salary packages that these jobs offer, there is a massive talent gap in this field. Even though students have started learning data analytics, there is a lack of specialized knowledge and expertise.

Amidst all this, the leading online university Coding Invaders by Mentors Pro has begun seeing success within just nine months of entering the country. After successfully placing students in data analytics jobs across the globe, this EdTech platform has now begun placing non-tech professionals in data analytics jobs in some of the leading MNCs in India.
From sceptical to being confident, How Data Analysis has proven to be a Game Changer!

Recently, while we were interacting with the students who opted for the Data Analytics course by Coding Invaders, we interviewed Amitava Otter, a resident of Kolkata, West Bengal, who took the course as a leap in his career in business administration.

Here is the essence of the discussion we had with the alumni:

How did you get to know about Coding Invaders?
In my last job, I was using one of my visualization tools, Power BI, to prepare reports and gradually got curious about the field of data analysis. I was finding it in sync with my profile as I come from a background in the business. Advanced mathematics and introduction to Power BI somehow demonstrated probable alignment in the track of data, and during that time, I was quite active on the internet, searching for data and seeing forces and carriers. And one day I thought of attending a seminar by Coding Invaders and post that I decided to enrol for the data analytics course.

How was your experience with Coding Invaders?
My journey at coding invaders helped me in gaining confidence in my skills as I was earlier within a strict boundary in my career, and I missed several opportunities. After joining coding invaders, I rebuilt confidence in myself and started moving my career back into the software. We started with the basics, and then it moved on to Python, SQL and other essential skills. We worked on real-time data like YouTube data, IMDb data, Titanic data and others. Truly speaking, in the beginning, I was a bit sceptical about the future and was constantly worried about post completion of the course. But gradually with the help of career support, counselling, and mock interviews, I got confidence in the course and the procedure. The best part was Coding Invaders hired a third party that helped us in successfully placing job applications and finding out different well-known companies. So, overall, it was a great experience.

What advice can you give to a person who is deciding to opt for Data Analysis as career option?
I will suggest to people who are determined enough to start a career in data analysis or move to data analytics, they should not doubt their capabilities and as the courses are structured in a way that will prepare them well for the practical world no matter from what background they come from. A strong determination to do something positive and a background in software are certainly going to help but students from different fields can also join. They must devote more time and effort in solving assignments and completing the study, than their other peers. There is no need to worry as Coding Invaders provide 24/7 support and are there to resolve queries. Whenever someone is facing any doubt, they can contact their mentors.

Coding Invaders has been helping students like Amitawa transform into high-demand data scientists irrespective of their career backgrounds and experience. The courses offered by Coding Invaders are flexible enough to not compromise studies with any other thing. The Academy has plenty of students who are full-time professionals and taking the courses alongside full-time jobs. Coding Invaders provide education that can be availed from the comfort of home with an immersive, interactive and non-intimidating learning experience.

Roman Kumar Vyas, who is the VP of Marketing and Co-founder at Coding Invaders by MentorsPro’s says that Coding Invaders not only educate students but also make them ready for the professional world. The courses are designed in a way that people coming from different backgrounds can also avail themselves and be confident enough to switch careers and excel in the same.

Coding Invader’s knowledge in international markets helps narrow the skill gap in India. As the IT Industry is blooming and attracting people in doing jobs in data analytics, big data, and machine learning, Coding Invaders is making sure those who are determined to excel in the field proves that they are not only talking the talk but can truly change the situation with their knowledge by successfully placing students in a profession with a very steep learning curve in such a short period of time.

Are you also planning to become a data analyst?
Regularly individuals are frightened off from data analytics because of come from different backgrounds and fields. People think that not having a good hand at Mathematics during school or lack of knowledge about coding will restrict them from opting for many much-demanding courses in the IT Industry. However, Coding Invaders is bursting this myth by training students from scratch. This EdTech platform is revolutionising the education system by transforming total non-tech professionals into data scientists that are job-ready.

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