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With the stressful lifestyle and constant hustle to meet daily ends, the world is witnessing many health problems – infertility being the major. Figuring out a way to deal with infertility, science has progressed in a way that so many fertility clinics around the world are helping couples get the gift of parenthood.

Working along the same lines, Prime IVF, a leading fertility centre in Delhi-NCR, organizes various awareness and check-up camps for couples trying to get pregnant. Organized from June 12th to 26th, these camps are being held in Northern India. On June 12th, Prime IVF organized the first camp that was held at the RR Multispeciality Hospital in Gurugram. One camp was organised on June 18th at the Life Care Hospital in Rohtak, Haryana.

Two camps were organized on June 19th at Gahtori Hospital, Kashipur, Uttarakhand and Ram Rati Memorial Hospital, Sohna, Haryana. On June 25th, Prime IVF will organize a camp at Giriraj Ji Hospital, Gurugram. The final camps will be held on June 26th at Dada Dev Mandir, Dwarka and Dr Surekha Yadav Hospital, Rewari.

“The motive behind Prime IVF organizing these camps is to raise awareness among couples who are facing infertility issues. We wish to communicate to them how they should not feel dejected. Over twenty million couples in India face infertility issues but are afraid to come forward for proper medical help. Hence, we wish to make them aware of how IVF has made it possible for infertile couples to conceive healthy babies”.

“We are estimating a footfall of more than fifty couples. Since awareness is the main motive, we will provide free fertility consultations to our visitors. Also, a heavy discount will be offered to couples who wish to book our packages on the spot”.

Since Prime IVF has organized camps in the past that have been successful, it is hoping to cross the success of the previous events. Prime IVF is also planning to organize over a hundred camps this year as they hope to break the stigma surrounding infertility.

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