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Safety First: RoundGlass Traqade encourages people to get vaccinated before joining the gym.

  • The new feature helps safeguard fitness enthusiasts by checking and documenting the vaccination status of both trainers and members visiting a fitness centre
  • The feature helps make the workout experience safer by allowing entry to only vaccinated members and staff
  • The platform automatically redirects non-vaccinated members to the CoWIN app, encouraging them to get vaccinated

In a move to make going to the gym safe again, RoundGlass Traqade has introduced ‘CoviSafe’ – a vaccination status tracking feature – to its gym and club management software. The new feature allows the application to track, record and display the vaccination status of all its staff and members. The upgrade aims to offer an added layer of safety and peace of mind to users and staff members, elevating the gym-going experience of modern fitness enthusiasts.

How it works:

  • Upon opening the app, an ‘Are you Vaccinated?’ popup is automatically triggered
  • Members choosing ‘Yes’ are led through a series of steps aimed at verifying their vaccination status
  • The verification process is complete when the user uploads their Vaccination Certificate. This ensures that only those who have been vaccinated are allowed entry.
  • In case a member answers ‘No’ to the initial query, the platform re-directs them to the CoWIN app
  • Alternatively, staff members can also update the vaccination status of members by uploading the Vaccination Certificate on their ‘Member Details’ page.

Speaking on the recent upgrade, Amaresh Ojha, Business Head, RoundGlass Gympik commented, “On account of the pandemic-induced lockdowns, our patrons were unable to enjoy a high-quality workout experience without risking infection. The integration of CoviSafe vaccination tracker feature into the app means that members at our partner fitness centres can now re-enter gyms and resume their fitness regime without worrying about the virus. By encouraging people to get vaccinated before they hit the gym, we aim to create a safer, healthier and more inclusive fitness environment where the minimized risk of transmission complements the superior gym-going experience that we help create through RoundGlass Traqade.”

Safety first: RoundGlass Traqade’s initiative is aligned with their larger effort to promote vaccination awareness among fitness enthusiasts across India, while also empowering the resumption of health and wellbeing services through features such as vaccination tracking, slot booking and virtual coaching – all introduced on Traqade in the recent months.

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