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Voiro, a Bangalore based leading ad-tech and RevOps SaaS start-up that provides revenue analytics and workflow automation solutions to media and content-led companies, recently introduced Revenue Reconciliation, a revolutionary product to help these businesses easily monetize their content via advertisements.

The product can be used by companies which aim to monetize content through advertising including OTT players, broadcasters, publishers (in the digital media context), telecom, gaming sector, e-commerce and other retailers with an e-commerce presence.

Voiro’s Revenue Reconciliation product gives these businesses an accurate, consistent view of their advertising revenue in real time, a task that can often be challenging to achieve at scale, enabling them to take corrective action in a timely manner or letting them make better decisions based on true data.

Commenting on the product, Kavita Shenoy, Founder & CEO, Voiro, said, “Voiro’s Revenue Reconciliation engine seamlessly handles hundreds of campaigns concurrently and provides a single view of revenue that is trusted, visible, and error-free. Our goal is not just to create innovative products for media businesses, but also to give our clients world class SaaS products that generate accurate, real-time reconciled revenue data in no time.”

Managing revenue for a large advertising business is not a trivial problem, but is one that has not been well-solved to date. Irrespective of the kind of set up, large media businesses need a single revenue figure without the hassle of downloading delivery reports from each ad server, each SSP (supply-side partners) and any other downstream systems. Businesses that run their business in this way end up needing to take into account several different revenue models and metrics, different currencies and exchange rates. This is an expensive, time-consuming, and highly error-prone process, and one that holds these businesses back from scaling efficiently.

Voiro’s Revenue Reconciliation runs in real time, works across all streams of ad revenue (direct as well as programmatic) and can effectively reduce monthly accounting cycles down to minutes instead of days. The data can be used to configure and generate automated revenue reports that are compliant with SAP or other ERP systems.

Since Revenue Reconciliation works in real time, clients can see their end of month billing cycles reduce by over 95%. Revenue Reconciliation handles campaign changes, multiple currencies, upsells, campaign truncations, disputes and a host of other revenue-impacting events thereby giving businesses a single source of revenue truth. With this product, companies can also get access and export standard reports, high level revenue reports, in-depth revenue breakdown reports for exploratory analysis, content, audience, demand analysis reports and revenue ledgers that can be imported directly into the accounting systems.

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