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Indian premium kidswear brand SCRAM has joined the Harbour 9-fold. Now a complete family apparel brand with consciously crafted clothing for men, women and children, the success of Harbour 9 inspired the laying down of this foundation for a fashionable family revolution.

Harbour 9 Kids has an extensive range of kids’ clothing items including tees, tops, joggers, leggings, sweatshirts, dresses, shorts, and jumpsuits — and has an unchanged commitment to providing kids’ clothing kids that is equal parts comfy and stylish!

“We are proud to announce that SCRAM is now Harbour 9 Kids. The modern family is fashion conscious and we want to make the latest styles available to them. Even with the change, our promise of providing stylish and comfy clothing from toddlers aged 1-2 years to pre-teens is the same. The rebranding has been done for easy and quick identification of all our offerings, and displays a unified brand as an empire that is only going to grow,” Manoj Jain, Director, Harbour 9, said.

Shopping for your tiny tots remains as easy as ever, with a fresh revamp to the kids section on the Harbour 9 website. The rebranding also includes improved B2C communication and an overhaul of the social media for SCRAM, with a vibrant look and feel of the Harbout 9 brand ethos. Harbour 9 is also sending out cards with each order to inform customers of the change.

Ensuring a perfect balance between fun and classics, high-quality, attractive, and comfortable. Harbour 9 manufactures the clothes completely in India, right from sourcing the materials to the final product. Harbour 9 is a weekend-wear brand that strikes the perfect balance between dressed up and dressed down. It started out for the urban and semi-urban man and introduced collection of polo t-shirts, shirts, shorts and joggers to the market — crafted to be an easy blend between smart casuals and business casuals..

Join the Harbour 9 life today and experience luxury firsthand.

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