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Renowned actress Shilpa Shetty was the showstopper for India’s leading designer Dolly J and heirloom jewellery house Sawansukha Jewellers, at the 15th Edition of the FDCI India Couture Week 2022 at Taj Palace, New Delhi on Thursday.

Adding glamour to the most prestigious event in the fashion industry, Sawansukha partnered with Dolly J for the first time, for her collection titled Meraki. Complementing the collection’s golden hues, fluid textures, and dramatic cascades, Sawansukha’s rare and gorgeous Diamond and Jadau jewellery was featured on the ramp and was very well-received.

The brand’s diamond collection is an opulent grandeur of timeless designs, hand-crafted intricate karigari which has the finest triangular diamond, double-cut rose diamond and square-cut princess diamond.

Its Jadau collection has its roots in Bikaner, just like Sawansukha itself. Phenomenal designs, eye-catching necklaces Minakari karigari stitched with uncut diamonds, pigeon red rubies and Colombian rare green beryl makes each piece stand out from the ordinary.

Mood as the muse for a match made in heaven

The inspiration behind this collection is ‘mood’: A wedding represents a beautiful bond of a lifetime. For a bride, choosing the right bridal jewellery is important as it reflects her style. This entire collection is dedicated to making their special day more vibrant.

“Sawansukha facilitates change as we are changing with the needs of our clients. Every design should have an approach toward the future, as heirlooms transcend the past, present and future beautifully embodying the values of generation with reverence and delicacy,” said India’s jewellery designer Siddharth R Sawansukha.

Speaking about the exciting collaboration with Dolly J, he added that, “it has been fantastic as her vibe and vision match Sawansukha’s beautifully.”

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