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India’s fastest-growing furniture start-up brand, Sleepyhead, is celebrating World Sleep Day by launching their two-week-long sale event World Sleepyhead Day. This year the sale offers discounts upto 35% on their entire range, including mattresses, beds, sofas, sofa beds and sleep accessories like pillows and comforters. World Sleepyhead Day sale started on March 10th and will continue till March 22nd. The sale will also be live on leading e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon starting from March 18th.

Mathew Joseph, CEO and Co-founder, Sleepyhead said, “Sleep is an important pillar of good health. Sleepyhead was launched to make great sleep accessible for everyone. While we have grown into a complete home lifestyle brand today, our love for sleep is hardwired into our name itself. World Sleep Day is an excellent reminder for people to take sleep seriously. As showcased by our 100-nights trial policy, we believe in giving people time to choose their comfort. Our World Sleepyhead Day sale offers great discounts across two whole weeks so people can upgrade to better sleep at their own pace. This year we are extending our discount to all our products ranges like sofa, sofabeds and sleep accessories to celebrate not just sleep but also comfort.


If the living room is the stage, the sofa set is the spotlight! Sleepyhead’s Sofa options are available in 1-2-3 and L shaped seatings, they complement the décor and enhance the living room’s aesthetic. Choose from their BAE and YOLO range, these are available in trendy colours and will nestle you in comfort. You can also mix and match the shades for a unique colour pop in the living room. 

Sale price starts from INR 8,999/-


Work-play-lounge-sleep-chill, Sleepyhead’s sofa-bed doubles up into pretty much whatever the mood of the day calls for. Designed for the modern home, it looks sturdy and chic and accommodates all the guests. Don’t miss the price drop on this one! Sale price starts from INR 13,499/-


Sleepyhead’s bed range comprises solid and engineered wood beds with sturdy backrests and ample storage space. It looks beautiful, feels comfortable for the entire family and does not make your heart sink with the price. The bed range has been curated keeping the modern and minimalist décor lover in mind and the price drop on this is certain to sweeten the deal.

Bed, Set, Go ! 

Sale price starts from INR 15,199/-


Don’t choose a mattress you love. Choose a mattress that loves you more. Sleepyhead’s range of mattresses works for different needs. While one specialises in orthopaedic support, another comes with cooling gel, they have one with natural latex foam and finally, a dual-sided mattress for dual comfort. 

The brand also offers a 100 nights trial policy to experience the mattress for 100 long nights before committing or availing a 100% refund. Sale price starts from INR 5,999/-


Everyone has a favourite pillow. Whether you like your pillow soft or firm, in fibre or memory foam, we have you covered. Sleepyhead’s pillows offer you a level of comfort that is unique to you, while also providing orthopaedic and cervical support.

Buy one now, love it, and you will still have time to come back within the sale period to buy more! The sale price starts from INR 899


Sleepyhead’s comforters are built from microfibre and are supremely comfortable to snuggle into. They come in multiple colours as well to suit your bedroom décor.

Get one or two or three; the sale range will make your decision a lot harder. The sale price starts from INR 1,299/-

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