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On May 26th, 2022, SolutionBuggy celebrated its sixth anniversary with fervour and gaiety. And why not, as the company is approaching the completion of its sixth year of fruitful operations, it has achieved another milestone of reaching over 10,000 experts on the platform and completed over 2300 projects across India and abroad. The company has been involved with Ethanol plant setup projects and lately working on gaining approvals for seven such plants with capacity of 100+ Klpd across India.

SolutionBuggy has also been involved in various allied projects such as development of EV vehicles and batteries, load cell, supercapacitors, and drone technology. Further, the company has taken projects in the areas of AC Manufacturing, smart electric meter development, Food fortifications, Pharma API and KSM among others. SolutionBuggy is also setting up and commissioning many plants in India and abroad including FMCG plant setup in Nepal (Namkeen, sweets & chips), Agro processing clusters besides working on projects related to bearing, casting, and gear manufacturing among others.

They have also bagged some key projects in Middle east and this has opened up a new territory, which is a region of strategic importance and has immense untapped potential. Many projects from this region have been posted on SolutionBuggy, including a chemical plant in Saudi Arabia, a solar pond project in Jordan, and a silk yarn manufacturing unit in Abu Dhabi. In fact, the company has started the project initiation for the setup of a soil to silk manufacturing unit project that has started operations on May 15th 2022.

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary, SolutionBuggy held a virtual event where they discussed their accomplishments as well as setting the tone for the new initiatives and objectives for the next year of their operations. The company now offers significantly advanced service packages to customers including video consulting with top industry experts. This has not only made the process convenient and accessible round the clock but also helped in incorporating the improvements in various aspects on a real-time basis.

They also hold regular webinars and knowledge sharing sessions on topics such as Ethanol manufacturing, immunity based foods, aerospace and defense, Business ideas in manufacturing for women entrepreneurs and a host of other topics. These knowledge-packed sessions are also contributing in fast tracking entrepreneurship or creating Atmanirbharatha in the manufacturing sector as government approvals for new entrepreneurs and industries are now being processed more quickly than before. SolutionBuggy has set specific long-term objectives of training the new ventures on upskilling, lean manufacturing, and smart manufacturing techniques among others. The company is specifically focusing on Entrepreneurship Incubators, International trade collaboration, technology transfer, and joint ventures in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa regions.

On this occasion, the cofounder & CEO of SolutionBuggy said, “We intend to serve a wide range of industries, including food processing, textile manufacturing, heavy engineering, electric vehicle manufacturing, and a slew of other inquiries from all regions across India and have also secured projects in Nepal, Riyadh,Abu Dhabi, and Dubai.”

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