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Soroco, a work graph company, today announced it has formed a global partnership with ISG Automation, the pure-play automation business of Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

Soroco was recently named a Rising Star in the Process Discovery and Mining Quadrant of the 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ Intelligent Automation – Solutions and Services report for the U.K.

“We are proud to be Soroco’s first Global Platinum Partner,” said Chip Wagner, CEO of ISG Automation. “Leveraging its AI-driven work graph platform, Scout, ISG Automation will be able to offer solutions to our clients that move them along the maturity curve toward becoming discovery-led, digitally transformed enterprises.”

ISG Automation offers a full portfolio of advisory and implementation services, including automation assessments and strategy, proof-of-concept deployments, implementation and integration of software bots, establishment of centers of excellence to scale automation, as well as training and managed services.

“Companies often don’t maximize ROI on automation investments because of poor identification of use cases and the inclination to automate processes as is,” said Anurag Saxena, Partner, ISG Automation. “To gain the benefits of automation, processes must be assessed through multiple lenses with the help of process and task mining technologies like those offered by Soroco. These technologies help reduce inefficiencies in business operations and pave the way to lower costs, improved productivity and enhanced customer experience.”

“We are proud to partner with ISG Automation, a leading independent advisor in the intelligent automation space,” said Samson David, CEO of Soroco. “Traditional Task Mining is reaching fast-paced adoption and maturity, and companies are looking to further unlock the value of discovery-led transformation with the work graph, which allows them to deal with the multitude of unstructured data at work and in processes. Customers are also looking to scale their transformation efforts over time. Our partnership with ISG will allow enterprise clients to achieve a significant benefit in their digital transformation efforts.”

In naming Soroco a Rising Star – a company with a “promising portfolio” and “high future potential” by ISG’s definition – the ISG Provider Lens™ research report cited Soroco’s strength in the discovery of end-user processes across all types of teams, applications, documents, tasks, and processes, using a non-obtrusive data agent. It also cites Soroco’s strengths in unified task mining and process mining capabilities, quick insights within 48 hours, and being fully GDPR compliant.

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