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In an endeavour to empower companies to continue managing a seamless workforce across the country, Styleworks- the leading flex workspace aggregator, now enters into a partnership with Kolkata based coworking brand Akasa to establish their footprints in Bangalore. This partnership will allow Akasa to lease a 20,000-square-foot coworking space in Whitefield, Bangalore via Stylework.

Akasa coworking is a well-known brand of premium coworking spaces where ideas, imagination, entrepreneurship and productivity constantly thrive. They offer various services to help you work, meet and grow your business, all at the same time and place. Akasa has a strong presence in the North-Eastern parts of the country and with this new development will be taken their maiden steps into the South. After Kolkata, Noida, and Siliguri, this 380-seater capacity space is Akasa’s first coworking space set up in Bangalore. This strategic acquisition will aid in scaling up operations for the company in Southern India and will accelerate its growth through multiple superior offerings.

“Post the pandemic, there has been a rise in the demand for co-working spaces and flexible models of operation. Traditionally, coworking spaces have been popular with start-ups but now the scenario has changed. Today, even large corporations are looking at getting out of long-term leases and owned premises to flexible coworking spaces. We are encouraging a walk to work concept that does not endanger their employee’s health and at the same time draws a balance in managing work cultures and team accountability. The win-win partnership with Akasa helps us extend our services to the northeast while bringing their expertise to Bangalore”, commented Sparsh Khandelwal, Founder & CEO, Styleworks on the partnership.

The partnership will also incorporate Goodworks into the folds of operation. In the beginning stages, Goodworks will assist Akasa with operations, strategy development, and marketing for the new centre in Whitefield, Bangalore along with helping Akasa understand the culture and develop efficient strategies to grow. Stylework helped Akasa in acquiring the coworking centre in Bangalore as it is the IT Hub of India and professionals are always on the lookout to find convenient workspaces around. The following understanding was assisted smoothly through Stylework.

“Akasa has established a strong presence in the North-Eastern part of the country and with this unique partnership, we are excited to begin our journey in the Southern part of the country. The Akasa team brings with it invaluable learnings, superior services and global quality that will be a fabulous experience for all Bangalore-based companies who choose to work with us and existing clients who want to expand to the city”, added Aditya Mehta, Director, Akasa.

The coworking and managed office market has seen massive growth in recent years, disrupting the traditional work environment. This in turn has proven to be beneficial for coworking space aggregators such as Stylework. Based in Gurgaon, Stylework is a leading flex workspace aggregator that helps you find your ideal workspace without any hassle. Stylework’s goal is to provide people with smart solutions to work from anywhere and they believe in their scalable technology, B2C application, B2C product, and advanced features like real-time availability, bidding, dynamic pricing, and opening maximum flexibility of memberships. Their specially built corporate product suite allows companies to create, book, allocate and track various kinds of flexible memberships with ease. Stylework has helped assist coworking brands in regional expansion like this one to better their working standards and condition with their excellent offerings and whole-hearted support for all. The partnership with Akasa is a step in the same direction.

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