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Success Gyan, India’s leading training events platform has just announced the finalists, the Super 10 of its Super Speaker competition. Season 1 of the Super Speaker started in July with 40,185 applications to find India’s next best motivational speaker. 

Launched in 2012, Success Gyan has brought the world’s finest trainers to India and discovered India’s best trainers to create a pathbreaking training platform for personal and professional growth. With its outstanding trainers, Success Gyan has hosted 500+ offline events and 100+ online events every month. The Title Winner of Super Speaker will join the likes of Rajiv Talreja, Puja Puneet, Siddharth Rajsekar and others and get to speak at world-class events to inspire millions of people. 

From the 40,185 applications received from across India, Success Gyan shortlisted the top 250. The Super 250 were then invited to the record-breaking Inspirathon as a 12-hour event on ClubHouse where each of them shared their stories of inspiration, which led to Success Gyan picking the top 100. The final Super 10 have been selected based on public voting plus Success Gyan’s esteemed jury which consist of the World’s best trainers. 

The Super 10 include:

  • Alok Taunk (Mindfulness Coach) from Navi Mumbai
  • Harita Uday Gujar (Youth Coach) from Kolkata
  • Ruthuparna Sharma (Life Coach) from Bengaluru
  • Warun Mehta (Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach) from Goa
  • Nirmit Sinha Goel (Life Coach) from Bengaluru
  • Keerthan Prabhu (Career Coach) from Bengaluru
  • Aparna Ganesh (Video Excellence Coach) from Coimbatore
  • Shruti Chaudhury (Personality and Mind Coach) from Bengaluru
  • Manisha Chopra (International Makeup Coach) from Delhi
  • Sona Bhattad (Life Coach) from Chennai

The top 10 finalists will now compete and the Title Winner will join Success Gyan’s outstanding selection of trainers and will get to speak in its world-class online and offline events. The top 10 finalists will win Success Gyan Scholarships of INR 1 Lakh each, allowing them access to all of its world-class programs. 

The final will be held in Chennai in January where the jury comprises Surendran J- Founder and CEO of Success Gyan, Rajiv Talreja- Asia’s Leading Business Coach, Puja Puneet- India’s Leading Life Coach and Siddharth Rajsekar- India’s Leading Info Marketing Expert will select the winner.  

Surendran J, CEO-Success Gyan, “This first season of the Super Speaker has made us realize just how much talent we have in India. Narrowing it all down to the Super 10 has been super tough for us as the jury. Each of the Super 100 were brilliant and we hope to be able to give more opportunities to discover and showcase this talent to the world.”

Success Gyan also announced the next season of its Super Speaker contest. Participants can register for the next season of India’s next Super Speaker at www.sgsuperspeaker.in. For this life-changing experience, applicants need to be over 18 years of age and should communicate in English or Hindi and be Indian citizens. 

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