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Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS), India’s leading B2B digital services provider in partnership with Asia Tech Journal, a leading South East Asia’s Startup, a tech and innovation media platform hosted its flagship industry forum CXO Round Table discussion on “Recalibrating Operational Efficiency with Smart Tech” to bring incisive information and insights to empower decision making and intellectual curiosity of the Businesses.

The CXO Round Table discussion centred on various processes adopted by CXOs working in various industries, intended to drive insights for ever-growing SMEs in the Indian Ecosystem. The growing digital ecosystem is metamorphosing into a highly hybrid world where SMEs need to rapidly adopt smart digital solution to address the growing demands of their customers, built-in resilience and make themselves future-ready for any disruptions.

The notable participant speakers, as well as TTBS representatives for the event, were: Milan Ganatra (CEO of 1SilverBullet), Ankit Jain (Founder & CEO of MyOperator), Dhiraj Ahuja (Founder & CEO of SkillsKonnect), Rohan Raj Barua (Co-founder of Expand My Business), Ashu Agarwal (Global Founding member & India Lead – Asia Tech Journal).

Sharing his views on the subject, Mr. Aditya Kinra, VP, Tata Teleservices said, “Operational efficiency has become a new challenge for the new digital adopters during the pandemic. It called for a lot of optimization of processes and communication. We are helping SMEs by providing collaboration software and cloud communication suites like Smartflo that bridge the gap for them to go digital at a fast pace. TTBS is also providing advanced cybersecurity solutions to help SMBs adopt cloud-based security platform that are cost-effective and easy to scale and provides resistance against ransomware and other vectors.”

Mr. Rohan Raj Barua, Co-founder of Expand My Business said, “We now have a lot of newcomers, coming and accessing digital. Covid has accelerated this process and changed our perception of looking at digital transformation. Today, we are using advance technologies like AI to understand and drive digital processes.”

Mr. Ankit Jain, Founder & CEO of MyOperator, said, “The choice of a shift towards digital has resulted positively for businesses. Unified communication platforms like Zoom are helping in more tema collaboration across geographies in secured manner.”

Mr. Dhiraj Ahuja, Founder & CEO of SkillsKonnect, said, “Data is very sensitive and no one owns it, except the individual oneself. As a SaaS platform, we provide various disclaimers for our clients at multiple touchpoints. We choose education about privacy as a priority for our end-users too. All this kind of setup also applies to our KYC data.”

Mr. Milan Ganatra, CEO of 1SilverBullet, said, “Anything digitized acquires the potential to scale up rapidly. With consumers now becoming comfortable with all things digital from shopping to online payments, Fintech or Digital Payment Solutions has seen exponential growth during the pandemic. . We are all in a race to scale in every sense and India is the best bet. However, to ensure the security of data, we should welcome more regulations as similar to GDPR to build trust on individuals and organizations.”

Key Takeaways:

● Understanding of Digital Transformation

● Effectiveness of SmartTech Solutions for rapid scaling

● Various issues and aspirations around data privacy

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