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Leading media relations agency Teamwork Communications Group has marked its 11th milestone year, displaying stupendous growth in business and workforce despite a COVID induced economic slowdown. The healthcare specialist agency added over 50 new clients to its kitty this year covering not just healthcare business, but an overarching list of accounts from diverse industries. The Group also increased its workforce by 30% this year.

Founded by media and PR specialists Kamal Narayan and Nikky Gupta in 2009, Teamwork Communications Group has over the past 11 years cemented its place in the industry as the only healthcare specialist communications agency.

However, it has also successfully diversified its communications capability beyond healthcare to effectively service an array of clients including start-ups, corporates, education and lifestyle sectors. Keeping up with the needs of the time, the agency expanding beyond its traditional PR business by establishing a dedicated social and digital media division a few years back. The digital and social media division has also shown remarkable growth in recent years.

“It was a difficult year for the industry, yet we managed not only to retain a majority of our clients but also add a large number of new businesses. Together, our PR and digital media divisions added over 50 new clients to our business, bucking the reigning trend of an economic slowdown. Interestingly, a large number of new clients came from healthcare, pharma, EdTech and other technology-based sectors. A number of organizations chose to cut down their large advertising budgets and turn to low-cost and sustainable PR activities to ensure continuity in their brand communications,” said Nikky Gupta, Co-founder & CEO, Teamwork Communications Group.

Despite the challenges of a lockdown and remote working requirements, the organization also continued to augment its human resource, increasing its workforce by 30% this year. Almost all departments of the organizations including PR, digital solutions as well as content hired aggressively to meet the needs of a growing business.

Some of the new clients that added to the Teamwork kitty this year include healthcare providers NOVA IVF Fertility Clinic, Regency Hospital, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals and Max Ventilators; international aesthetics giant Alma Lasers; EdTechstartupBada Business; pharmaceutical major ENTOD Pharma; sustainability startup The Better Home and snacks major Bikano to name a few.

The Group continues to serve its longstanding list of patrons along with new clients.

“Opportunities in traditional media remained limited this year on account of closures of several newspaper supplements and editions as well as an overall news focus on COVID related developments. However, we reacted swiftly to this shift and devised overarching communication strategies for our clients that gave them visibility in both traditional and digital media along with cultivating thought leadership for them. Going forward, we are looking to expand our presence beyond our conventional stronghold regions of Delhi and Mumbai and have a wider presence in southern India,” added Nikky Gupta.

Going forward, Teamwork Communications Group is looking to expand its presence beyond its conventional stronghold regions of Delhi and Mumbai and have a wider presence in southern India.

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